New Release: Kiesza - Dearly Beloved

06 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

She's BACK! Kiesza stormed the UK charts three years ago with "Hideaway", and now she has this incredibly funky new tune that easily gets stuck in my head. Since her debut song, she hasn't charted quite so well, regardless of the amazing songs she has been releasing. This is set to be just another song that should've been an international success. Kiesza honours her friend who passed away, by rocking out on her friend's guitar that was passed on to her in this fun and loving music video titled "Dearly Beloved".

Kiesza, real name Kiesa Ellestad, launched onto the music scene in 2014 with her amazing debut single "Hideaway". The song made me a fan of her music, and I have been following her career ever since. She has released some bangers, but not many have heard of them. However, this Canadian star is a fighter and she won't go down without giving it her all, "Dearly Beloved" is just another to add to her collection of awesome hits and I can't wait to see where this new direction takes her! The song was written by Kiesa Ellestad.

Directed by Supple Nam, this music video is a pure performance visual, where Kiesza rocks out to the song whilst wearing a holographic changing colour costume and white Dr Martens in a never ending white space.

The song itself is in honour of her friend Alice, who sadly passed away. Kiesza received the white guitar in the video from Alice and vowed to play the hell out of it. And, boy, does she do just that.

The song definitely links in well with the visual clip, it feels futuristic with an inspiration for disco-themed songs. It's something new and fresh that captivates me easily. As per usual, Kiesza goes all in for the music video.

What can be considered a totally simple, low-budgeted music video, is transformed with completely energetic vibes from Kiesza. She knows how to perform and let loose and it really shows. Unfortunately, there isn't a narrative and there isn't an awful lot to captivate the audience. Nonetheless, Kiesza does the best she can and is totally entertaining throughout.
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