New Release: Missy Elliott Featuring Lamb - I'm Better

27 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I'm Better (feat. Lamb) - Missy Elliott |

If there's one female rapper who has made her name, made her money, and still is solidly killing it in the rap market, it's Missy Elliott, who else? Here's a whole new single from her and a collaboration of a song that has embedded itself in my head once again; this woman knocks it out of the park every single time. This is another huge single from her! Watch Missy Elliott totally own it with intricate and bizarre dancers, in this music video for her new single "I'm Better" which features Lamb.

Missy Elliott, real name Melissa Elliott, is prolific. She's at the top of her genre of music, no one can reach it, she's up there and she's made it. Yet, just like every top star in the music industry, she continues to make music, for herself and for her fans, and she completely bosses it nonstop. Featured on this track is Lamb, real name Cainon Lamb, who is a Grammy-nominated, American, record producer, composer, and songwriter. He has worked with Missy Elliott for many years, and finally, he made his rapping debut on this very track.

The music video was directed by Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott. There is a full-on choreography throughout that was decided by Sean Bankhead & Missy Elliott, and it totally works even if I have my slight doubts about it.

The choreography is on point, it is fire, and yet there is just slight little bits where dancers are out of time or not in the right position. As a whole it comes off that little bit messy... It's totally not polished to the standard I was hoping for and that totally knocks the whole video off.

Lamb adds something fresh to the video, and Missy Elliott's various styles and get ups totally brings some theatrical fashion sense to the video. I love the water feature, although, again it's not polished to perfection.

This video is lacking. I know how technical and amazing this could and should have been but, to me it just isn't up there. It's slightly disappointing, but regardless, this is high production, it has been edited well, and every intricate thing has been thought about. It's just a shame it wasn't polished and full fire, like it could've and should've been.
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