Antonia - Shake It Mamma

26 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Shake It Mamma - Antonia |

It's Thursday Revisit time, so I chose Antonia because I'm quickly becoming a fan of hers, and I need to listen to more of her music. She has released a lot of songs that could have been used for my Thursday Revisit but this one just jumped out at me, so I thought why not. And on first listen I totally loved it! Totally catchy with a typical bubble-gum pop twist, Antonia is totally stunning in this music video for "Shake It Mamma" that features dancers dressed up in Japanese wear, with wagasa umbrellas.

Antonia, real name Antonia Iacobescu, has definitely made me a fan of her. Her new music has been promoted well and I've totally been into "Get Up And Dance", as well as her new one "Dor de Tine". I was told about her years ago but had my doubts whether she'd be someone I'd be interested in, and I already had a major range of favourite artists, I didn't want any more; yet, now I just have way more than I need that adding Antonia to my favourite singers isn't a problem at all. This song is super catchy that it deserves to be heard more.

This is another pure performance piece from Antonia. It could be compared to Alexandra Stan's "Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)", I think it's mainly the bubble-popping and the pinkness of the whole video.

Antonia is looking as stunning as ever in this video, and she clearly enjoys singing this song.

The dance scene is interesting. It's clear the music video was aimed at the Japanese market, much like Alexandra Stan's song "Cherry Pop" and Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty". It works well and the dancers pull it off perfectly.

This just feels like there isn't enough going on. It's a fired-up song and Antonia totally rocks it, but it's just missing something, maybe a narrative. It's clear the video was shot a few years ago and it just doesn't feel complete.
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