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15 February Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Work the Middle - Alex Aiono |

A random music video I found browsing through YouTube as I looked for a music video to review. Thought I might as well choose this and see what I make of it. Now that I've watched it, it's complete fire! Today is actually 19th February, but I've changed the date of this review to the 15th, a day before the music video was actually released. Alex Aiono shines throughout this music video, along with all the dancers. "Work The Middle" is a catchy song with a brilliantly sexy boxing music video.

Alex Aiono is a singer/songwriter. He is mostly known for featuring on Feeder's track "Lordly". He has released quite a few songs, and he can also be seen in Awesomeness TV's "Royal Crush" web series. He's definitely gaining popularity and many fans. With his good-looks and vocally-perfect voice, Alex Aiono is surely one to watch. This song is highly catchy and deserves to be a hit, unfortunately it won't chart well around the world, but it should be there, up on the charts. It was written by John Ryan, M. Simmons, A. Schuller, and Dernst Emile II.

Directed by Brazil, the music video features dancers Jade Chynoweth, Delaney Glazer, Cache Melvin, and Jamie Humptmann. The choreography was done by WilldaBEAST Adams. "Work The Middle" is totally out of this world when it comes to the dancing, and works amazingly.

The thing about the dancers and the choreography, it takes away from the artist. Although, Alex Aiono is looking completely sexy in his boxing outfit, the girls dominate in this music video, totally nailing the dance sequences and stealing the spotlight from Alex Aiono.

Having said that, Alex Aiono totally brings it on the performance side of the music video, when he isn't distracted by the girls. He's just as distracted as we are, which just goes to show how they dominate in this visual.

Regardless, I love the setting, I love how it completely relates to the song, and it's totally fired-up. It's just a shame there isn't more focus on Alex Aiono, and he doesn't grab the spotlight from the girls. As a music video, this completely works and I am totally excited to see what's next for Alex Aiono. He reminds me of Eric Saade, and I literally believe he is a rising star.
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  1. I agree that this video is FIRE! The track is very catchy. I don't understand how it didn't chart in the top 100.