AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

16 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge |

It's Thursday Revisit time, so I chose this song and music video since it was released five years ago... However, there was a second music video for this song that was released in 2013... It then got a third music video when the song was remixed by DJ Snake in 2014. These music videos will probably appear on my blog at a much later date. Aluna Francis brings it when it comes to dancing to the "You Know You Like It" music video by AlunaGeorge.

AlunaGeorge are a duo consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They recently released "Not Above Love" which I reviewed earlier this week, hence why I'm reviewing this classic now. They've never quite had a full on solo chart hit, although they did feature on Disclosure's "White Noise" which got to number two on the UK chart and definitely propelled them in the music world. I much prefer their latest singles over their old stuff, but I guess that shows how far they come. This song was written by Aluna Francis and George Reid. It managed to chart at number 39 in the UK.

This music video is purely black and white, with not much of a budget behind it, clearly. If you've read any of my other reviews about black and white music videos, you know that I find it knocks the engagement of the viewers as black and white music videos are unappealing. This is totally the case with this one.

There's also not a lot going on in this music video, the backing dancers are all Aluna Francis, which shows that the music video has been edited really well. But there's nothing keeping the audience interested throughout.

There's a few great transitions in the visual but that is the only good thing I can find from this music video. I hope the other two music videos for this song is much better, because I guarantee it'll be difficult to do worse than this one. I would not like to watch this a second time.
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