New Release: Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved

17 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Till You're Loved - Mr. Probz |

Remember back in 2014 when Mr. Probz had a raging international hit called "Waves" before releasing more music under the radar that not many people heard and he was soon forgotten once again... Well, he's here, still releasing music, that you totally need to listen to. "Waves" was the start of international fame for this guy, but with a voice as powerful as his, he won't be disappearing from music completely. Watch as two people prove that love is all about what's on the inside in this shocking music video for Mr. Probz's "Till You're Loved".

Mr. Probz, real name Dennis Stehr, is a Dutch singer, musician, and actor. He has been working in music since 2006 but didn't have a hit single until Robin Schulz remixed his "Waves" single, which totally launched the success of the song around the world. His follow-up singles didn't perform so well and he soon disappeared once again. Now he's proving that he deserves to be in the music industry and this song is definitely showcasing a brilliant new direction he has taken.

Directed by Richard Paris Wilson, this music video is extremely intricate, showing that guys get just as insecure about their looks as much as girls do. We all knew this initially, but this just shows it off at a more visual angle.

A fully narrative video, we watch as two people eye one another across a club. This is something I'm used to happening when I'm out clubbing, so it's no surprise it's happening here. He builds up the confidence to go over to her, and as she caresses his cheek, she pulls a chunk of skin off. Talk about grossing out the viewers.

We watch him go to the bathroom and then he decides to leave. But the woman who ripped his skin off comes outside and drags him back in. Whilst they're on the dancefloor, she removes her skin, revealing that she is just like him; in doing so, he also removes the rest of his skin too. They're dancing as cosmic shadows on the dancefloor.

Overall, it's actually got quite a sweet meaning behind it all. Skin is just a part of your looks, and no one can ever love someone based on their looks. It's what's on the inside that counts and this music video proves this entirely. However, it's highly gross and quite gruesome. I can't help but cringe when she removes the skin from his cheek. It's relatable, it's just a shame there isn't a performance piece to complete this music video.
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