Zara Larsson Featuring Ty Dollar $ign - So Good

11 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Zara Larsson |

Another new music video in promotion of her newly released single, Zara Larsson is quickly becoming a full-on international Swedish star. Collaborating with Ty Dollar $ign, just shows how far in her career she is and we're still waiting on an album, but is she attempting to crack America before hand? Especially since she performed on Ellen the other day. Filled with sprinkles of glitter, Zara Larsson's "So Good" music video is a brilliant portrait performance piece with popular rapper Ty Dollar $ign.

Zara Larsson is a total household name in most of Europe; as for America, she's dipped in and out of their Billboard Hot 100 chart. Maybe this collaboration with Ty Dollar $ign will help her to become more well-known over there. Either way, her new album, her debut international album, will be released in March, with the same title as this song. She previously released an album back in 2014 in Scandinavia, but it didn't get released globally; as much as I need it in my life, along with all her other songs in the world - This is why I think they should also release that old album at the same time, because people will no doubt buy it as well. Ty Dollar $ign, real name Tyrone Griffin Jr., has become a rapper everyone wants to collaborate with. He has solidified himself as a popular American rapper and has totally launched quite a few successes. This song has done moderately well in many countries, but it totally hasn't lived up to the successes of her previous singles. It was written by Zara Larsson, Charles Otto Puth (Charlie Puth), Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Gamal Lewis (Lunchmoney Lewis), and Danny Schofield.

The glitter-filled music video was directed by Sarah McColgan. It is a pure performance visual, with a few dance sequences and choreography throughout. Unfortunately, Zara Larsson is missing her stage presence spark that we are used to seeing in her music videos.

We watch Zara Larsson sprinkle glitter on her face in the opening scene. Other scenes follow where she is looking sexy throughout, but there's not much movement or involvement. In the dance scenes, we see her just do the moves, but she doesn't pull them off like in the original "Lush Life" music video. There's just no feeling behind them.

It feels like she hasn't connected to the song at all. She's not bringing any substance to this as a whole.

Ty Dollar $ign brings it like he always does, but again the style of the music video just doesn't work and although the spotlight brings him out more, the emotionless vibe coming off Zara Larsson totally taints the video as a whole.

It's definitely a disappointing music video, one that I don't want to watch again, regardless of the fact that I'm a Zara Larsson fan. I'll be going back to watching her other music videos and leave this one be. I'm hoping she releases a new single in promotion of her album in March, hopefully it'll have a much better music video. The song itself isn't something that I would've thought Zara Larsson would record. It feels like it's going to be a stand-out track on the album for all the wrong reasons. It's certainly a new direction and one that hasn't worked out well in her favour, considering the chart positions.
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