Christie & The Dream Beats - Wasn't My Fault

18 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Wasn't My Fault - Single - Christie & Dream Beats |

A fellow CelebMix writer sent me this video on Facebook the other night, telling me how catchy the song is and how much I need to listen to it. He was completely right, hence why it's appearing on my blog today. It is surely a catchy number that easily gets stuck in my head, just like many others. Watch Christie from Christie & The Dream Beats parade around with angel wings whilst giving an emotional performance in this "Wasn't My Fault" music video.

This is a new collaboration, originally it was The Dream Beats which is Anders Hansson's dance pop project. I thought I heard the name before but wasn't sure where until I was researching the previous releases and found out that The Dream Beats once collaborated with Molly on the awesome song "Beneath The Lights". Now with a full-on permanent singer, called Christie, full name Christie Prentice; it's time for this project to go all out and bring it this year. 2017 might just be their year. The song is highly memorable and will probably have you singing along by the end of it.

The music video is shot in black and white, with intricate colourful transitions throughout, that does keep the audience attention regardless of the filter.

There's not an awful lot going on in this music video. Christie gives it her best shot at performing the song with her all, but it's just not good enough. Her wings are much more interesting than the music video as a whole.

This is a simple case of an amazingly catchy song, with an uninteresting accompanying music video. Regardless, Christie is looking beautiful throughout and is working the camera the best way she can. It's just a shame this isn't exactly a great relatable music video.
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