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Me Too - Meghan Trainor |

I had this song stuck in my head last night due to the fact that I was thinking about my last night out, which was Friday, and I remember dancing away on the small stage to this amazingly catchy song, not having a clue who sung it. I googled it last night and to my amazement, it's Meghan Trainor. This is the music video that she took down due to photoshopped results; one I didn't watch because it never became a hit. How? I have no idea. Watch Meghan Trainor work it in her music video for "Me Too" because, of course, we all want to be her.

Meghan Trainor kickstarted her career when she debuted with "All About That Bass" which was a complete international sensation; her follow-up singles and debut album followed suit and she quickly became one of the top female singers; now it's slowly going downhill. This may be due to the lack of promotion of her latest singles; although her album did do well globally. This song was written by Meghan Trainor, Eric Frederic, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Jason Desrouleaux (Jason Derülo), and Peter Svensson.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, this is mainly a performance-based music video with a lifestyle narrative infused within. The music video gained controversy when it was first released as an unapproved video was released before quickly being taken down and a new one uploaded the day after. The reason behind this was an image manipulation that made Meghan Trainor's waist much slimmer than what it is. So kudos to her deleting the video and putting the unedited video up since she is encouraging the world to be confident with who they are.

The music video totally represents the confident life, we all have it now and again, we just need to have it inside of us all the time. Meghan Trainor is fierce throughout, from strutting around when she wakes up in the morning to totally pulling off that unappealing giraffe onesie.

To look good, you have to have the confidence to wear whatever you want to wear. People work the clothes they wear because they strut their stuff in it, even if it doesn't suit whatsoever.

She arrives on set and tries on various costumes before deciding on the blue sequin dress. She then goes all out in a choreography number with backing dancers. Totally nailing her performance throughout. If anything, Meghan Trainor is someone we all need to see live. She totally brings it for this music video, I would've just liked a little bit more of a relatable narrative, though.
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