Tiffany Gayle - Do You Wanna Dance

22 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Do You Wanna Dance - Tiffany Gayle |

A bit of an old song, but my iTunes chose this for me, and it's a very catchy song, just wish it had charted and brought Tiffany Gayle some success, as after researching her, this was the only song she released... Technically, if it had been a hit, she would've been a one-hit wonder since she didn't release anything else afterwards; saying that, if it had done well in the charts she'd have had another single released. This is still catchy to this day, and I actually want to dance to it in the clubs I go to... Definitely my next request. Tiffany Gayle asks you to dance with her in the clubs, looking sexy inside but keeping warm outside by layering up and donning some sunglasses in this music video for "Do You Wanna Dance".

Tiffany Gayle was on All Around The World Records, sharing the label with Flip & Fill, Cascada, Kate Ryan, and Danii Minogue. Little is known about her except that she is from Belgium and can speak various languages, at the time she was fluent in three whilst learning more; who knows how many she can speak now. It's a shame her voice has disappeared, but it would be good to see her return to music, even if it were just to display what she can do now. This song didn't chart, despite its various releases around the world.

The music video is really simple, playing on the strength of the opening lyric about being in a club, that is where the video is set. A great and relatable setting.

What's shocking is that we all thought it was on-trend to wear sunglasses and look like she does outside, back in 2008. Although she nails the club look inside, whoever turned her down to dance was totally making a mistake.

This song is the sort of song to get everyone up and dance, to be fair this is the sort of thing I do. I'm usually the first on the dancefloor and the last one to get off. I'm usually great at getting everyone onto the dancefloor, which is exactly what this song is about, hence why I loved it as soon as my iTunes randomly played it. It's just a shame I didn't know about the song until today.

What's more, there is a choreography part, where Tiffany Gayle dances in the street with some backing dancers. What I actually can't believe is that the slut drop is included, and she fully nailed it too. You go girl! She pulls it off perfectly, even if the choreography isn't amazing, it will do.

Overall, it's a great, packaged music video; totally relatable to the song and adds everything we could want. It is slightly low-budget, and not all that appealing. There's not an awful lot going on, and more of a narrative would've made it much better. Regardless, this is something I would watch again and again because this song is a tune and the video could be a hell of a lot worse, but it's not.
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