Canaan Smith - Love You Like That

19 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Love You Like That - Canaan Smith |

I've had quite the country music listening weekend this week, and my iTunes decided to play this song randomly from one of my many owned country compilation albums, and I'm so glad it did because it's one of those effortlessly catchy country songs that we'll never forget. On first watch of the music video it made me cry, I want someone to love me like that, someone who will make me pack up and leave for good without a care in the world; I think we all want a guy like that, right? Watch super hot country music artist Canaan Smith serenade a city girl in this music video for "Love You Like That", that inspires her to actually stick around.

Canaan Smith is a Nashville, Tennessee male country music artist, who has only recently came into prominence. This song is his biggest hit to date. In 2009, before he became a country singer, he took part in the 15th season of The Amazing Race, where he and his 'newly dating' girlfriend - Mika, came seventh. He broke up with Mika at the Elimnation Station and went on to marry Christy Hardesty. He went on to release a debut album in 2015. Canaan Smith is currently on his Back For More tour in the UK, but his already performed in my home city and I didn't even know. I'll have to try and catch him the next time he visits, because I need to hear this song live. I hope he is planning on releasing new music soon, and I'm sure a bigger hit than this one is prepared to be released in the future. This one was written by Canaan Smith, Brett Beavers, and Jim Beavers.

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, this music video shows Canaan Smith's loving marriage between him and Christy Hardesty. That's right, his real life wife plays the love interest in this music video; no wonder their passion for each other is astronomical - enough to make us all jealous.

A performance piece and a narrative combined together, this music video has it all. Canaan Smith is proving that a country boy can be so much more romantic than any pretty city boy.

It's clear that Cristy Hardesty is visiting him, and he shows her around, whilst spending intimate moments with each other. At the end, tears did fall from my eyes due to the overall sweetness of the cute ending; as if, she decides to put her car up for sale and stay with Canaan Smith. Although, we totally don't blame her, we would be doing the exact same.

As for the performance scene, Canaan Smith shows why he is worthy of being on a stage. He gives off perfect country energetic vibes, and it's clear this song is close to his heart. I'm excited for any new music he might release, but for the time being I shall explore his other songs and start to listen to him more.
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