Dev - In The Dark

March 26, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

In the Dark - Dev |

I woke up with this song in my head... Whatever happened to Dev? That was the question I was wondering as I was singing this song during my morning routine. This song charted all right globally, but it was the start of her music career slowing down. This song is catchy for reasons we don't know, probably because of the beat behind it. Watch Dev be all sexy and suggestive of dancing "In The Dark" during this music video, although there's not a lot of dancing going on, just a lot of freaky hands.

Dev, real name Devin Tailes, apparently has a second studio album set to be released soon, although the lead single of which "#1" was released a whole year ago. Has promotion of this said album just ceased? Where is the comeback of Dev? Her sexually induced vocals are what makes this track lit, along with all her other songs, from the features to her solos. What's surprising is that she hasn't held on to her fame, she was all the range back in 2011/2012, with the possibility to become one of the leading female artists, but she didn't keep her momentum and soon fell. Yet, all it takes is one new hit song, and she'll be back once again. This song was written by Devin Tailes, Niles Hollowell-Dhar, and David Singer-Vine.

Directed by Ethan Lader, the music video incorporates a sexy vibe with a dark and mysterious feel to it all. It's a pure performance piece with Dev looking as hot as she can be.

It comes off really weird, in my opinion. It has a club energetic feel to it, and there are scenes where she's on the dancefloor clubbing away. They are dancing in the dark, but I'm expecting a full-out choreographed scene and that is nowhere in sight,

On the other hand, or should that be on the scary hand? Dev brings it during the performance, being sultry throughout and relating to the sexy tone of her voice. Yet there's something majorly missing and the video doesn't come off the way we all think it should.

There's just too much light and shade with it not directly linking in with the song all that much. Dev isn't really doing mush during the visual and that fails to keep the audience interested. It would be stunning if it were a photoshoot, but it's a music video, and it doesn't quite work.
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