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March 25, 2017 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Speak to Me - Amy Lee |

This is beyond beautiful; this is beyond stunning; this is beyond anything we've ever seen from her yet. The frontwoman of Evanescence has this amazing music video for her new single "Speak To Me" and Amy Lee totally brings it like you wouldn't believe. This came up in my YouTube recommendations, and I have actually been waiting for this, so I clicked on this straight away and just had to review it for my blog. I almost cried, almost. Watch Amy Lee, the frontwoman of Evanescence, deliver a gorgeous visual for her song "Speak To Me" that is a soundtrack theme song for the film "Voice From The Stone".

Amy Lee is best known for being the frontwoman of the band Evanescence, who are supposed to be returning to music soon. For the time being, she has been focusing on her solo career as well as looking after her son. This song proves that Amy Lee can really truly sing. You may know her for her rock songs, and undeniably she can sing rock really well. Evanescence would not have gained a number one single with "Bring Me To Life" if it wasn't for her amazing vocals, but this song right here shows her vocal range, shows her versatility, and also shows her ability to flood a song with raw emotion. Amy Lee deserves so much more credit than what she has, and if there's one singer that is underrated and underestimated, it's her. This song is intricately stunning, it's perfection. This should be a global hit. It was written by Amy Lee and Michael Wandmacher.

The music video was directed by Eric D. Howell, It shows Amy Lee in a stunning dress, that she designed herself along with Anna Lombardi, whilst playing the piano. There are short narrative scenes that show her watching over a child.

The child looks a lot like her son Jack Lion Hartzler (it's not, though; instead, it's the director's son), and he goes around the grounds of a castle, throwing stones in the water, playing with toy trucks, running about. Throughout, Amy Lee is following, as if she's a ghost.

The narrative continues as we see short clips of Amy Lee and the child spending time together, she is wearing something different and it has a feeling that it's part of their past. Throughout, there's a hidden meaning, suggesting that Amy Lee has passed away, hence why she is looking over the boy as if she is a ghost. Then we watch the rest of the performance piece.

Emotions run wild in the performance piece, enough to break all our hearts. This song means a lot to her and she's put that in the song and the music video. There's a lot of yearning for her child in this music video, and Amy Lee easily displays that emotion to us. She makes us want to cry.

Many fans have noticed some scenes are similar to previous Evanescence videos, perhaps an ode to her previous visuals; such as the black and white visual where she is floating in the water, is very reminiscent of "My Immortal", although she has been in the water since "Going Under". Then there's the angel scene, which we can all presume has a very tiny link to the album artwork of Evanescence's first self-titled EP, from way back in 1998.

Overall, this music video is completely stunning along with the song. She has proven herself as an artist, as a singer, and as a songwriter. This song deserves a lot more recognition. As for the music video, it relates to the song perfectly, and will probably work amazingly with the film "Voice From The Stone" that will be released soon. I've been battling with the rating all day, but due to the fact that the whole narrative isn't fully displayed, with the viewers having to gather what is going on, I have dropped a star. But this is a video I can't stop watching! Bring on more stunning visuals Amy Lee!
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  1. Her best song ever and I'm a huge fan

  2. I m a mother of 2 cute son's, and with song I came with this understanding that due to this pandemic out lives has no guarantees, we should enjoy each moment with our loved and close ones b4 we r returned.