Hunter Hayes - Yesterday's Song

29 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Yesterday's Song - Hunter Hayes |

Talk about a look-back music video... Hunter Hayes has delivered his best music video yet, and did I mention how handsome he looks in this? Hunter Hayes is fully maturing into a gorgeously sexy man that we can't stop watching. This song and it's accompanying visual is a great throwback to his previous songs and music videos, whilst heading in a new direction for his new music. I'm totally excited to find out what his new music is like. I'm sure we all are. Watch Hunter Hayes glance at his past as he finds his a whole new direction. "Yesterday's song" is a reflection on his life and career so far, and works well as a music video.

Hunter Hayes is an American country music artist who has been very busy with new music this year, that we bet he can't wait to unleash on to his fans. He's one of many country stars who have attempted to hit the UK market, but Hunter Hayes went above and beyond by changing some of his most-known songs into pop versions, so much so he released a whole new album with the intention to crack the UK music industry, and although the album did chart - at 85 - it still shows that country music doesn't do so well over here in the UK. But other artists have managed to do it, and if Hunter Hayes continues to focus on doing so then I'm sure he'll make it over here as well. All it can take is one hit song. This song is one of his latest singles. It was released in September 2016, but the music video just dropped this week at the end of March 2017. I'm ready for new music, you are all ready for new music, so Hunter Hayes get to it and release something fresh! This song was written by Hunter Hayes, Barry Dean, and Martin Johnson.

This awesome music video was directed by Ryan Hamblin. I wasn't sure what to expect when it started, especially when Hunter Hayes picks up the broken mirror ball. To be fair, I've always wanted to know what a broken mirror ball was like, so at least I know now.

After placing the mirror ball back down, he finds a much bigger one that has crashed down on the building he's in. He heads over to it in a flippant way and enters inside. We follow him and see mirrors everywhere reflecting his previous music videos from "Wanted" to "Storm Warning" to "Invisible". It's great to see how far he's come.

Inside the mirror ball, there is a woman walking in the background with a mirror ball as a head, probably a reference to the girl he's singing about in his songs, therefore suggesting that he's moved on from her now and from writing songs about that person. This is how I interpret the song's meaning. We also see a guy in a business suit, who also has a mirror ball as a head. He displays a case full of cash, Now all the gay guys are suddenly interested (jokes); personally I think it's a business deal, suggesting that he's done things he's not proud of, probably sang songs he didn't really like, in the chance to have money; maybe he's been offered deals to go down a different route but he's sticking to his direction/ He finally finds a way out of the mirror ball and follows down the path he wants to take.

The ending scene sees him running towards a mirror, to which he jumps through, ready to start his next career path. And we're totally jumping through that mirror with him as all his fans continue to support him.

This music video is beyond brilliant and easily relates to the song. It reflects on Hunter Hayes past and he takes his fans through his memories too. It's incredibly engaging and something I could watch over and over again, and that isn't because of how hot he looks in the music video; well maybe a little bit. This music video deserves awards, and it's getting a high rating from me.
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