Prince Royce & Shakira - Deja Vu

28 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Deja vu - Prince Royce & Shakira |

This is currently YouTube Trending at the moment, and I just felt like it's about time Prince Royce graced my blog. Something new and something different for today's review. A bit of a latin flair, although I'm not so convinced that this was a good collaboration, especially with Shakira constantly looking at the camera in this music video. Watch Shakira dance with various guys whilst Prince Royce performs on stage before coming down and dancing with his collaborator in this music video for "Deja Vu".

Prince Royce, real name Geoffrey Royce Rojas, is one of the biggest latin pop male artists in America. He has sung with a multitude of different artists including Jennifer Lopez and Daddy Yankee. I don't think he'll ever manage to appeal to the UK market, if you all thought country is hard to sell to the UK, you should see how latin pop does, because that rarely touches the UK charts, if at all. However, Shakira has charted in the UK plenty of times, and so have some majorly influential latin pop songs. If Prince Royce were to attempt to crack the UK market, I'm sure he would be able to do so. Collaborating on this track with Shakira, full name Shakira Ripoll; their voices work well together. She's definitely one of the top female artists in the music industry, although her latin pop songs don't fare well in the UK either. To be honest, I'm not so sure of what to make of this song as a collaboration. It was written by Geoffrey Royce Rojas, Daniel Santacruz, Manny Cruz, Kevin Mauricio Jiménez Londoño, and Bryan Snaider Lezcano Chaverra.

The music video is mainly a performance piece with a subtle narrative. We see Shakira dancing with various partners before inviting the singer on stage to come down and dance with her, the singer of which is Prince Royce.

The performance pieces are very separate, with Shakira's taking place in a different room, she looks as sexy as ever and pretty much doesn't look like she ages at all. She's looking fierce throughout and giving direct eye contact with the camera. This is usually good in her own music videos, but Prince Royce comes off much better.

He gets involved in the visual, continuing to include the audience within. He looks much more professional and makes Shakira seem less so as she is constantly looking at the camera.

The ending scene should've been sexy and interesting, but as Prince Royce continues to look at Shakira giving her his full attention, her eyes are looking at us, and it just doesn't come off all that great.

Overall, the video isn't all that bad, and it kind of works, I suppose. Yet, Shakira kind of lets the video down throughout, grabbing the spotlight and keeping it on her throughout. It feels like she's trying to create a battle between them, yet Prince Royce isn't interested in fighting for the spotlight.
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