Hunter Hayes - Wanted

30 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Wanted - Hunter Hayes |

I'm actually so surprised that I have not reviewed this music video before today; what a perfect excuse to review it for my Thursday Revisit. This song came to my attention on a compilation album; on first listen, I fell in love with this song and quickly became a Hunter Hayes fan; and the rest is history. Hunter Hayes has this amazing ability to flood a song with emotion, so much so that you can tell he means every single lyric he is singing. This song literally makes me cry everytime I hear it because all I want is someone who wants to make me feel wanted. Watch Hunter Hayes perform this song passionately at a piano whilst the song lyrics are displayed all around him, intercut with visuals of the girl he's singing about in the "Wanted" music video.

Hunter Hayes pretty much made his career off the back of this song, which was his second single, the follow-up to "Storm Warning". It hit number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's sad to think it never became a hit in the UK. He has since released many other singles and a couple of albums as well. He is gearing up to release brand new music sometime this year. He recently released the music video to "Yesterday's Song", the single of which was dropped in September 2016. This song was written by Hunter Hayes and Troy Verges.

Directed by BIRDmachineBIRD, who consists of Patrick Hubik and Traci Goudie; the music video is mainly a performance piece, showcasing Hunter Hayes emotion for this song.

It's clear that Hunter Hayes can fully perform this song perfectly, easily showing how much the song means to him in the visual as well as on the track itself. Not many people can perform well sitting at a piano, but Hunter Hayes is here to show us all how it is done; even if we are slightly distracted by the lyrics that are displayed all around him.

There are snippets of a potential narrative, it shows Hunter Hayes with a love interest, who he is singing this song about. The main scene we see is them riding a bike together. It's lovely, but I feel there isn't enough of these clips shown throughout the video, but then again I wouldn't want to take away any of Hunter Hayes amazing performance piece. It's a great relatable music video that works with the song perfectly.
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