Dead Lavender - Seasons Change

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Seasons Change - Dead Lavender |

I recently reviewed this for Outlet Magazine, and I found it so catchy, I just had to review it for my blog, not only that but I'm definitely a fan of Dead Lavender now, and I'm excited to see what the future will bring for this duo. Shot in Los Angeles, V & Oliver of Dead Lavender bring a 90's colour grading and VCR filters for this amazing visual of a music video for debut single "Seasons Change".

Dead Lavender are a London-based production and vocalist duo consisting of V & Oliver. Deciding to focus solely on the music, they choose to remain anonymous. The electronic-chill sound of this debut single easily showcases what the duo are all about, whilst switching it up around trap, house, dance, and synth-wave. This duo is set for big things, I can feel it in their sound, and I'm so excited to see what the future will bring for Dead Lavender. The single was written by V & Oliver.

Produced by V & Oliver, the music video uses 90's colour grading and VCR filters. This gives the video quite the retro look, whilst adding current themes throughout. Although V & Oliver shy away from the camera, keeping their anonymity, they are visible (well, we presume it's them in the visual).

The male vocalist has a performance scene in this music video. He brings it with full-out energy, we know he's passionate about the song, and although we can't see his face, thanks to the tilted cap; we can see that he is quite the performer and manages to invite the audience into this emotional and honest song. If this duo were to team up with Sia, then our world would be complete, as that would be beyond perfection.

As for the woman, we see her walking through pillars, hiding from the camera and shying away. Once again, we don't see her face, but she gives a great acting performance. We presume these two main characters are V & Oliver that make up the duo Dead Lavender.

Overall, this is an exciting debut music video and single. It's effortlessly catchy, and one that I have definitely added to my iTunes. It's an interesting music video and one that goes so well with the song. It adds a bit of mysteriousness to the song, even if there isn't much going on. The audience feels included throughout. I like how the artist, possibly, included themselves in the music video whilst keeping anonymous throughout. I'm excited for their next single and music video (which will be out soon apparently).
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