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31 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sometimes - Kat Graham |

Here she is; we all know her as Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries, now she's ready to leave the witch in her past as she now has the ability to focus on her music career; especially now that The Vampire Diaries has completely finished. Looking stylishly sexy throughout, Kat Graham brings it when it comes to dancing in this killer music video for "Sometimes"; proving that Bonnie Bennett is just a character in her past.

Kat Graham is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She has got it all and is definitely a triple threat. Following in the footsteps of many amazing stars who also have established careers in both acting and singing, we're sure Kat Graham will become the next Jennifer Lopez or Hilary Duff. Having already been in music for many years (she was an uncredited vocalist for a few songs, including the hit "I Got It From My Mama"), she hasn't really managed to promote her music that much, although she is building upon it with a collection of singles and an album, the latter of which was released in 2015. This song was written by Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Jean-Yves "Jeeve" Ducornet, and Katerina Graham.

There are certain parts of the song that reminds me of "Grease (Is The Word)", specifically the version Jessie J sang for Grease Live. Regardless, Kat Graham's vocals are on point throughout, and even though she isn't the greatest singer in the world, the song compliments her vocal range whilst allowing for a choreographed music video.

It was directed and choreographed by Marc Cleary and Oskar Rodriguez. Shot through two takes, the music video is split mid-way through, as we watch her enter the performing room. This slightly loses the audience as we adjust to the complete change of scene. This style of music video really includes the audience allowing them to feel they are on set, just like with Sabrina Carpenter's "Thumbs", but having it split up into two parts without reason is quite off-putting.

As for the performance side of things, Kat Graham shows her dance ability, which we were already aware of from the popular film 'Honey 2', where she starred as the main character, Maria Ramirez. She nails every dance sequence, with her backing dancers, bringing energetic flair that has been waiting to be released. She also looks stunning throughout this visual.

Overall, it's a solid music video, that really includes the audience - well, right up until the split. Kat Graham is fierce throughout, making sure the spotlight is on her. Girl, you've definitely got this. She's totally an up-and-coming all-rounder of a star, and although we don't see this song charting that well, it'll remain a song we won't be able to get out of our heads for the rest of the day.
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