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April 15, 2017 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Superstar - Jamelia |

Another pop star from the early 00's, Jamelia rocked our whole worlds way back then with this complete tune that still gets stuck in our heads to this day. She is a part of my Birmingham Pride Special, as she has been confirmed to be performing on the Birmingham Pride 2017 stage, which is only a few weeks away, now. She hasn't released any new music in over 10 years, now succumbing to being a TV personality, having been one of the presenters on Loose Women. Watch Jamelia strut her way with utter confidence in this fierce music video for one of her biggest singles "Superstar".

Jamelia, full name Jamelia Davis, had a successful recording career during the 00's and was definitely one of the defining British female singers, but like many, she never stood the test of time, and even though she keeps promising a brilliant comeback album, no new music has materialised, and as the years turned into a decade; we can safely say we don't think Jamelia will be returning to music ever; with only one-off appearances here and there. She could make an awesome comeback if she tried, but I don't think that's on the table. This song was an international success, and it's still extremely catchy today. It is a cover version of Christine Milton's song of the same name "Superstar". It was written by Remee, Mich Hansen, and Joe Belmaati.

Directed by Dominic Leung, this music video is a pure performance piece that sees Jamelia sing her song while two backing dancers accompany her every step.

There's choreography throughout, which was definitely popular back in the 00's and I specifically remember copying the Superstar dance moves during the chorus, didn't we all?

She's completely fierce in this music video and nails the entire dance sequence. Yet there's definitely something missing, and there's more focus on sexualizing the video than actually showing Jamelia off as a performer and an artist.
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  1. So who was the back-up dancers in the video "superstar"?

    1. The light skinned one was Louise Harrison.