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April 10, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Dreams - Gabrielle |

Carrying on my Birmingham Pride Special is another headliner. She's the iconic 90s singer, Gabrielle. Whenever anyone mentions her name, this song instantly comes to mind, and it's definitely her biggest single to date - it was also her debut single, way back in 1993, the year I was born. She also gained a second number one in 2000 with "Rise", but unless I play that song, I have no idea what that song is. She has been announced for Birmingham Pride 2017, and she is a big star, but I feel that she's not as big as other acts, she's certainly not as big as say, the Pet Shop Boys, who is performing at Brighton Pride. Anyhow, this is what we've got this year, and I don't see myself being in the main tent when she comes on. Watch Gabrielle's performance music video for "Dreams" where she completely owns it in some scenes, while attempting to be sexy in others.

Gabrielle, real name Louise Gabrielle Bobb, is definitely a defining 90s British female singer. She has released a number of successful songs and albums during her career, and she has been working with very current producers and songwriters for her new album, these people include MNEK, Bless Beats, Shakka, and Biffco. Could we see this 90s sensation return with a bang? If Mary J Blige can do it, so can Gabrielle, that's for sure. People say soul is lost in music this era, but it's just masked around incredibly catchy songs. "Dreams" was a killer hit back in the day, and I am waiting for someone to reinvent it and make it new and successful all over again. This song was written by Gabrielle and Tim Laws.

The music video was directed by Kate Garner, and it is a pure performance piece. It looks like there may have, originally, been a narrative, especially since there is a scene where Gabrielle is seen walking on the street - yet nothing comes to light from that.

Her main performance scene is incredible. As the light flickers from a soft glow to an illuminating colour, Gabrielle completely delivers with this song. It's clear she means every word behind this and she is ready to perform it.

Yet, the bed chamber scene distracts the viewers away from the passionate performance piece. Gabrielle tries to be sexy, yet it falls completely flat; some could consider it a comedic scene, but it's not even funny. It just doesn't work at all, and it misses the relatability of the song.

Overall, this music video feels like it's missing a lot. A narrative-based music video would've worked much better, even though Gabrielle oozes incredible performance vibes in some of the scenes, she lacks completely in others.
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