Chart Mondays: Martin Jensen - Solo Dance

April 03, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Solo Dance - Martin Jensen |

The global sensation has hit the UK, and I've been watching this rise on the charts for a few weeks now, and finally, it has cracked the top 10. With Ed Sheeran still at number one with "Shape of You", and every other song in the top 10 UK Singles Chart already been reviewed by me - or doesn't have a music video for me to review, this was my only option this week. The song is upbeat and catchy with a dance number of a music video. Watch a group of dancers act out a story narrative of attraction through amazing choreography for this exciting music video for Martin Jensen's "Solo Dance".

Martin Jensen is a Danish DJ who has been mixing for over ten years. He became virally known for using sounds from other viral videos and turning them into tropical house mixes. He started releasing singles in 2014, starting off with "Sí", which was a viral hit due to Martin Jensen incorporating Cristiano Ronaldo's celebration at the 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or. As each single was released he became more and more popular, he's recent "All I Wanna Do" charted in a few countries; but now, this single has become a global sensation, and Martin Jensen has finally got the chart success he clearly deserves, he just needs to follow up and follow through with another awesome single. This was written by Martin Jensen, Lene Dissing, Mads Hjerl-Hansen, and Peter Bjørnskov.

Directed by Nicolas Tobias Følsgaard and choreographed by Tobias Ellehammer; the music video has intricate dance sequences throughout that are beyond perfection. Martin Jensen makes an appearance at the DJ decks, playing this song. The dancers in the visual are: Dylan Mayoral, Haeni Kim, Anders Deeno Nielsen, Sandra Brünnich, Remi Black, Enej Jurečič, Žiga Jurečič, Michel Patric Sian, Lianne Lee May, and Cilia Trappaud.

We open up watching two characters have an attraction as soon as their eyes meet, but when the guy gets ready to talk to her, another dancer sweeps in. Bad luck, or so we thought. As we go to the main floor, we see that it's all going off with amazing dance techniques.

Soon enough, our main character is centre stage, with all eyes on him. In perfect time with the music, he just stops. The silence feels like it lasts longer than it actually does as we wonder if he has done enough to impress the girl. It turns out that he has, and she appears behind him as they dance together, fully bringing it.

The choreography of this music video is completely incredible. This is what I would love to be involved in one day, but I'll just marvel at how impressive it is since my professional dancing career stopped years ago. The closest I come to getting that feeling back is on the dancefloors in clubs. Now, my career involves watching awesome music videos like this one that relates to the song perfectly and giving the best ratings out to the music videos that impress me the most, such as this one. Can't wait to see what Martin Jensen will release next!
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