Tom Shorterz Featuring Lucy Love - Colours

April 30, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Colours - Tom Shorterz & Lucy Love |

The dance arena for Birmingham Pride 2017 is set to go off! They have a whole host of amazing DJs in their line-up and it looks like it's going to be the place I spend most of my time. Tom Shorterz will be one of many amazing DJs set to perform this year, and he actually has a music video for one of his songs, hence why he's a part of my Birmingham Pride Special. Watch people dance to this catchy beat in profile scenes whilst crazy bubbles float around in this colourful music video for Tom Shorterz "Colours" featuring Lucy Love.

Tom Shorterz is one of the rising Birmingham DJs around at the moment. He is one of the DJs behind the leading 2:31 at the Rainbow Venues in Birmingham. It's an event I've always been meaning to go to but never had the chance to; now I might get the chance to experience his club tunes in the dance arena. He also did a killer remix of Katy B's "Crying For No Reason" which became very popular. It's no surprise he is part of the Birmingham Pride 2017 line-up. Featured on this track is Lucy Love. She is a singer/songwriter from Copenhagen, Denmark. This song is originally her song, Tom Shorterz did a remix edit, changing it into a house/club song. I much prefer this version, although Lucy Love's original is definitely interesting. This just shows how amazing Tom Shorterz is.

Directed by David Strindberg, the music video features various dancers in a very colourful setting. Their choreography is controlled and stylistic. It easily goes with the music being played.

The bubbles are an interesting addition to all that is going on, and they certainly keep the audience entertained whilst the scenes focus on the dancers and their moves.

However, there's nothing else for me to comment on for this music video. It's relatable because it's really colourful. It's intricate whilst the dancing rhythmically infuses with the song.
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