Kissy Sell Out Featuring Holly Lois - Tell You

April 29, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tell You (feat. Holly Lois) - Kissy Sell Out |

Another amazing DJ that will be playing at Birmingham Pride 2017. I'm so excited that Kissy Sell Out will be there, and is now a part of my blog due to my Birmingham Pride Special. His songs are pretty awesome and he has been going for over a decade now, proving himself as a DJ we all need to get behind. He was, previously, a Radio 1 DJ and has remixed plenty of big songs from internationally-known artists. Watch JJ Inkpen dance in various locations for Kissy Sell Out's music video for his single "Tell You" that features Holly Lois.

Kissy Sell Out, real name Thomas Bisdee, is a British/Canadian DJ and producer. He had his own slot on Radio 1, but his last show was back in 2012. He has collaborated with some of the best, including Tinashé and Angie Brown. His career has spanned over a decade, and he was a fundamental part of the rise of electronic music, especially when he was on Radio 1. As for his remixes, he's done some of the best I've ever heard, and I cannot wait for what the future will bring for him. His career is something many DJs inspire to have, yet there's always more he could do, he just needs one hit song, and with his focused mentality, I'm sure he can achieve this. Featured on the track is Holly Lois. Back in 2010, she was a part of girl group Vanquish, now she's focusing on a solo career. Her vocals are stunning on this track and I'm interested in what the future has in store for her.

Directed by Kissy Sell Out, this music video is a pure performance visual of JJ Inkpen. The dancer also came up with the choreography, for the music video.

We watch JJ Inkpen dance in various settings. There is a lot of foot shuffling going on, which was extremely popular two years ago when this music video was released. It's still quite popular nowadays, but not quite so obsessively over the top as this music video suggests.

The dancing isn't progressive, it looks like total freelance, and it could well have been. It relates to the song every now and again, but it's not fully focused on doing that. Some moves are hilarious though, to the extent where it is abnormal, and not something someone would actually do.

The music video, as a whole, isn't that interesting. The various settings are much more interesting, especially the painted walls, than JJ Inkpen dancing. It's nothing new and nothing exciting and doesn't bring more to the song if anything it distracts from the song because of the comical moves.
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