Tough Love - So Freakin' Tight

April 28, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So Freakin’ Tight - Tough Love |

I wasn't really planning on including the dance arena acts into my Birmingham Pride Special, but since they have drawn in some big names this year, and since it will probably be the place I spend the most time at, I just had to include some of the acts into my Birmingham Pride Special. The biggest announcement for the dance arena, so far, is Tough Love, who had a total hit with this song, and it is still a club banger to this day, two years after its release. Although, I really didn't want to review this music video after coming across it; guess I was one of the lucky ones who has never seen this video before today; now I can't forget it. Watch this comedic visual, starring Rob van Vuuren daydreaming about being a lifeguard for an outdoor pool, in this music video for Tough Love's song "So Freakin' Tight".

Tough Love are a British DJ duo consisting of Alex Prinzivalli and Stefan O'Brien. They have released a range of songs and have really proven themselves as one of the top DJ duos around. However, they have only had two hit songs so far, this one being their biggest to date. If they can do it once, they can do it again and have another hit song. This happens a lot for DJs, they come and go when it comes to the chart, without lack of trying. This song samples the Jodeci song "Freek'n You". It was written by Donald Degrate Jr.

Directed by Craig Moore, this music video stars comedian Rob van Vuuren. This explains why it's very comedic, and it works well since he is a confident guy and not worried at all about what he looks like. This works because he's clearly a great actor.

A daydream turns Rob van Vuuren into a lifeguard of a busy outdoor pool. He fantasises that there are a lot of girls in bikinis at the pool, which he gets to watch over. He finds suncream in the pool, which the dream character, Rob van Vuuren, imagines sexily squirting the suncream over a woman lounging by the pool, yet it doesn't turn out that way and goes completely wrong.

This happens again in a scene involving ice cream, where the dreamed-up lifeguard comes across two women eating ice cream. He imagines sexily caressing the ice cream over the women's bodies whilst they do the same to him. A choreographed scene ends the imagination and the women are not happy when he grabs for the ice cream.

Rob van Vuuren really gets into the lifeguard character as he drools over the women at the pool. The last scene makes us realise it was all a daydream, and he's just the cleaner. It's comedic, but it's also interesting since there are many men who have daydreams just like this one; although, I doubt they have daydreams inside of daydreams... It's a complex idea for a music video, one that's really unappealing to watch, but they have actually managed to pull it off. Yet, it's unrelatable and definitely something we don't want to see again.
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