New Release: DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm The One

April 28, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I'm the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne) - DJ Khaled |

Not my usual pick for New Release, but it makes a change to switch up my blog with a possible future hit single, especially since I'm on a Birmingham Pride Special at the moment, which is currently showcasing some oldish songs; make sure you check it out when you have a chance, by clicking the link. This does seem quite the group, yet it's a catchy number and it works quite well. Watch DJ Khaled throw a party at his house with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne; where they bring a chilled out relax performance vibe in this music video for "I'm The One".

DJ Khaled, real name Khaled Khaled, is a record producer and DJ amongst many other professional titles. He has had a successful career in music for many years and has definitely made a name for himself; although, I reckon this song will become his biggest worldwide hit. Featured on the track is Justin Bieber, who is the sole reason why this track is completely popular, as he is a full-on international star with many hits to his name. As for Quavo, he is mostly known for being in a three-piece group called Migos who also appear in the visual. They're definitely one of the rising hip-hop groups around; I expect to see more of them in the future. Then there's Chance The Rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, he has been going for a few years and certainly made his name known through collaborations with Justin Bieber and Snakehips on "Confident" and "All My Friends" respectively. Then there's the rapper who needs no introduction, Lil Wayne, who's real name is Dwayne Carter, Jr. He's a multi-award winning hip-hop artist who has had various hits. He truly has established himself as one of the top rappers in the industry. This is quite a collaboration, one that could've easily gone wrong, but it works and this is certainly a future hit. I wonder where it will chart in the UK next Friday. The song was written by Khaled Khaled, Jason Boyd, Quavious Marshall, Chancelor Bennett, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Nicholas Balding, David Park, Bobby Brackins, and Ray Jacobs.

Directed by Eif Rivera, the music video starts off with DJ Khaled's son, Asahd Khaled, in the director chair, in a very cute snapshot. He also appears on the front of the single cover artwork in quite the tropical themed picture. We continue to watch as DJ Khaled talks on the phone to Chance The Rapper, organising a party; whilst he stares at a woman riding up to him on a horse.

The party is in full swing later on as we watch Justin Bieber singing the song whilst adding some awkward dance moves throughout; yet, it shows how relaxed he is in this setting.

The other artists come in at certain intervals and the music video easily showcases each artist. Lil Wayne gets the biggest spotlight of all, which is understandable; and yet, he doesn't take it for granted and works it to his advantage.

There are women dressed sexily in the music video, and we seriously do see this a lot in hip-hop music. It's nothing new; but I admire the fact that they have kept it subtle and relaxed. There isn't much focus on the women which makes a very nice change. It keeps focus on the song as a whole, and this is why this music video works.

It's very relaxed and easily watchable for anyone who is viewing. It's not too much compared to a variety of music videos I have seen. It's calm, sunny, and definitely something I wouldn't mind catching on the music channels. This music video could've been over-the-top and could've been a typical hip-hop party music video. Instead, they drew it back, focusing on the song and the presentation of it. Nice one!
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