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10 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Playground - Cascada |

I am ecstatic that Cascada has another new song out! "Playground" serves as the official song to the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Championships, and it's nice to see Natalie Horler looking as beautiful as ever. We need this trio to come back with an absolute smash of a song. For now, this one is just as good, and really shows the great direction that Cascada is going in. Watch Natalie Horler from Cascada perform the new song "Playground" whilst ice hockey players skate around her, in this new music video of the official song for the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Championships.

Cascada are a trio dance group consisting of Natalie Horler, Manian, and Yanou. The latter two are DJs who stay behind the scenes, producing the music, whilst Natalie Horler is the face of the act. They have achieved so much in the years they've been together, including storming charts worldwide, entering Eurovision, and winning awards. There's not a lot this trio hasn't done, so it's impressive that they continue to release music and tour all around the world. This is something new for the trio, releasing an official anthem of the world's Ice Hockey Championships, so it's nice to see that they are continuing to establish themselves, even if their recent singles haven't charted - that doesn't mean they aren't epic, we always add them to our party playlists.

The music video has both a sweet narrative and a performance piece. Natalie Horler shines throughout as she sings the song on the ice. Her energetic performance vibes unleash upon the viewing audience proving that she deserves to be on stage! Or in this case, on the ice.

I love that the ice hockey player can be seen skating past her in the clips. It adds an extra interesting part into the performance piece. She looks stunning, as she always does.

The narrative shows two children who are clearly into one another, and the counterparts to these two are Natalie Horler and the ice hockey player she is obviously going out with. I like how they pair up the visuals and tell a subtle, yet similar, story during the visual.

Overall, the music video is highly relatable, it also links in well with the Ice Hockey World Championships - it was no surprise to see an Ice Hockey game in the visual. I love the narrative, and Natalie Horler impresses, as always, in the performance piece. I hope more new music is on its way, we need Cascada back on the charts and the radio!
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