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Look Out Below - Rumors |

Here's another stunning video from Kontor.TV, only this time with an epic track that is a real gem, behind the visual; it's such a shame this song isn't popular, it deserves to be a worldwide hit. The song is a banger of a tune, and as soon as I heard it, I had to include it on my blog. It's also helpful that the actor and actress in the music video are both stunning. Watch Icarus lose his wings and fall from the sky, he wishes to fly again, but turns away a new set of wings when he meets a girl and falls in love in this music video for RUMORS' song "Look Out Below".

RUMORS are a new DJ duo on the scene. They wear masks and this song is their debut single. The song is about life and how there are plenty of times you may fail, that you may fall down; but it's how you deal with that, how you come back up fighting and determined. They wrote the song upon the difficulties of getting into the music industry. The song is a brilliantly crafted song that I currently have on repeat. It's completely encouraging and definitely an inspiration to me to keep going after what I want because we all get there in the end as long as we don't give up. They also co-wrote and produced the Lindsay Sterling song "Something Wild" which features Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, which has been included in the new Disney film Pete's Dragon.

The music video centres around the greek myth of Icarus, who can fly in the sky with his wings. This classic tale has a heartbreaking ending when he flies too close to the sun and the wings fall apart as the sun's rays melt the wax that created the wings. In the video the wings burn instead, creating a much more dramatic storyline.

The video continues where the story left off. In greek mythology, Icarus is lost to the sea, and we all presume he dies; in this video, he falls into garbage bags and starts to learn what it's like to be a human in the 21st century,

He learns about money, about clothes, about love (I wish it was that easy to fall for someone, why can't a nice guy just come up to me, or fall out of the sky?), and he's loving his life. Then a new set of wings materialise, but he doesn't want them; he's prepared to ride the wave of this downfall.

This music video is completely amazing. We all fall down sometimes, at times it's our own inner demons that are attacking us, and we get to the point where we think we're going down the wrong path, or our dream isn't easily achievable. But life is not easy, that's what makes life, life. This music video, much like the song, is to keep going, to keep letting the universe take you the way you are destined to go. Our choices are what define us if Icarus hadn't have gone that close to the sun and fallen down, he may never had met that gorgeous girl and found the love he was missing. Things happen for a reason, so don't be down about what happens because there's bound to be something good that'll come out of it.

Overall, this music video is beyond perfect. It's relatable, interesting, and a total must-watch. There are some parts that could've been more realistic; there seems to be no reason as to why the wings materialised at the end - they could've come up with a much better scene for this. Otherwise, I wish this song was a global hit, just so everyone could see the music video - oh, and because the song is actually really good!
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