Cascada - A Never Ending Dream

11 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

A Never Ending Dream - Cascada |

It was obvious that Cascada was going to take my Thursday Revisit today; how have I never reviewed this music video on my blog before today? This is an epic classic from Cascada with Natalie Horler looking stunning throughout - does she ever not look pretty? The video is a typical 00's video, with the visuals not looking as stunning as they could've been, but disregarding that, it definitely works. Watch Natalie Horler from Cascada surrounded by four female dancers in this middle Eastern-themed music video for their song "A Never Ending Dream".

Cascada is a dance music trio consisting of Natalie Horler, Manian, and Yanou. I have been a fan since they first stormed the charts with "Miracle". I am so happy that they are still going strong today and recently dropped new single "Playground". We do need another album from them, but while we wait for that, I'm happy to revisit their classic songs and their more recent ones, including their Eurovision 2013 song. They are known as one of the most successful acts to come from Germany, and I truly believe they can make a full-on comeback with the right promotion. They're currently touring throughout Europe in small clubs and venues; I'm forever keeping an eye on where they are so I can catch them when they're close to me, but I'm not having that much luck yet. Cascada, come to Birmingham, please! This song was a cover of X-Perience's 1996 song "A Neverending Dream". It was their first single in the UK not to make the Top 40, totally underperforming and charting at number 46. It was written by Matthias Uhle and Alex Kaiser.

Directed by Stephen Gragg, this music video is completely Middle Eastern culture themed music video, as you watch Natalie Horler surrounded by four female dancers, who are referred to as a harem.

It's mainly a pure performance visual, with Natalie Horler completely bringing her typical sexy stage vibes. She has always meant to be performing and that is definitely what she does.

There isn't a lot going on in the video, and it's disappointing slightly - not much as a surprise since the single charted disappointingly too. Regardless, this song will forever remain a treasured Cascada song, although the music video is just average, which is to be expected from most of the music videos I review for my Thursday Revisits. I just wish there was more substance to this music video.
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