Chart Mondays: Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl

May 22, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran |

It's a Monday, and with "Despicato" at number one by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber, the UK top ten is once again open to my Chart Mondays review. This hit song from Ed Sheeran looks like it's about to drop out on Friday, especially with it currently being at number ten, so I thought I'd choose this song, plus I've never seen the music video before today - don't ask me how I've managed not to see it as I don't even know myself. Watch Saoirse Ronan act as the "Galway Girl" in this Irish-themed music video for Ed Sheeran's much-loved track.

Ed Sheeran has hit the world by storm with his latest album. This song, in particular, charted the highest from his latest album out of all the album tracks, so it's understandable that it was chosen as the next single and the next music video since it was so popular. Records have been broken with this album, and Ed Sheeran continues to dominate the charts globally. He's one of the biggest male artists in the world at the moment, and he will keep on succeeding. This song charted at number two in the UK before dropping down to its current position of number ten. It was written by Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Damian McKee, Eamon Murray, Johnny McDaid, Liam Bradley, Niamh Dunne, Sean Graham, and Foy Vance.

Directed by Jason Koenig with Ed Sheeran shooting the video himself, this music video truly puts the viewers in Ed Sheeran's shoes and show an Irish Galway Girl, played by Saoirse Ronan, taking Ed Sheeran around Galway.

The opening scene sees Ed Sheeran finish his concert in Galway, Ireland. We watch Ed Sheeran walk off stage and the camera follows him, then goes right through his head and it's as if we're looking out his eyes. We follow a guy into a car who takes us to a bar named O'Connell's.

At the bar, we bump into Saoirse Ronan, who takes us up to the dancefloor to dance. She takes us out to the street, but then a clip sees us playing darts in exact relation to the lyrics. We (or should we say Ed Sheeran) throws a dart at the dartboard without looking (keeping his/our eyes on Saoirse Ronan), and accidentally stabs a guy with the dart - luckily he's wearing a big coat, so it's okay. We run away, out into the streets.

We see some Irish dancers in the street who ask Ed Sheeran to sign a magazine, before showing him their dancing - with the help of Saoirse Ronan. We then watch a busker who we give some money to. Then Ed Sheeran (us) goes on a bike ride in the middle of the night with this Galway Girl. Where we end up at a tattoo shop and Ed Sheeran gets "Galway Grill" inked on his arm.

Next, towards the end, we enter an underground bar. It's refreshing to see Saoirse Ronan so full of life, and we're enjoying being there, being Ed Sheeran. We get two pints from the bar - we can only presume it's Guinness right? - and as we head back to the Galway Girl, we spill our drinks over a guy; that guy, just so happens to be the guy we threw a dart at. Trust Ed Sheeran to have this much bad luck. We get punched in the face by the guy and wake up at Saoirse Ronan's place. Now that's how you get with Saoirse Ronan!

The ending sees them go out onto a roof window balcony and the camera flies away. We are no longer Ed Sheeran. I love how they include the problems with being famous - which Ed Sheeran has talked about recently, wishing he could go back to a normal life without all the paparazzi and the fame. This video is unique, different and completely relates to the song. Once again, Ed Sheeran has brought another amazing music video to our screens.
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