Saila & Kelli-Leigh - Sun Token

May 01, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sun Token (feat. Kelli-Leigh) - Saila |

If there's one act that is going to stun us all at Birmingham Pride's dance arena, it's going to be Kelli-Leigh. Her vocals are amazing and she has sung on some of the most amazing club and house songs about. I am still playing Flashrider's "So In Luv" in which she sang on too. She's always one who deserves much more recognition, she's just not getting enough, but her career is going from strength to strength; she will become someone everyone is talking about soon enough. Watch Kelli-Leigh unleash amazing performance vibes in this sunny music video for "Sun Token" in collaboration with Saila.

Saila is a new music project. This song is the project's debut single, a crossover track with Kelli-Leigh. Real name Kelli-Leigh Henry-Davila, she has been one of the biggest female vocal stars amongst dance and house music in recent years; one DJs want to collaborate with. She's provided vocals to tracks: "Cry (Just A Little)" by Bingo Players, "I Wanna Feel" by Secondcity, "I Got U", "The Giver (Reprise)" & "Be Here" by Duke Dumont, amongst many others. She's definitely one to keep your eye on as she builds and builds on her career. This song is definitely catchy. It was written by Saila and Kelli-Leigh.

Directed by Bipolar Spider, the music video is a pure performance visual, showcasing the beautiful Kelli-Leigh.

She brings her a-game to this music video, and it really works. She looks stunning in the visual and it's nice to see her take up the whole visual rather than share it with another collaborator like in Flashrider's "So In Luv".

If anything, this music video just proves she deserves, not only the spotlight, but a stage. It's where she belongs and I'm so excited to see her return to Birmingham Pride. She's definitely one act I won't be missing this year - well depending on what time she's on.
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