Todd Terry & ANT LaROCK - Back Around

May 02, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Back Around - Todd Terry & ANT LaROCK |

Yes, you heard right, one of DJ's legends, Todd Terry, will be at Birmingham Pride, in the dance arena! He was the whole reason "Missing" by Everything But The Girl became an international hit in 1995; the song was initially released in 1994 with little-to-no success; a year later it was re-released with Todd Terry's club mix which made it a global sensation, peaking near the top of most worldwide charts. Now he'll be at Birmingham Pride. This song is one of his latest, released under Ministry of Sound YouTube Channel in 2015, it's a collaboration with ANT LaROCK. Watch DJs play this song in the comfort of their own homes whilst smoking and grooving to the beat of this infectious song titled "Back Around" by Todd Terry & ANT LaROCK.

Todd Terry is one iconic DJ who is still bringing out amazing hits to date. It'll sure be interesting what his DJ set brings to the Birmingham Pride's dance arena. He has released a lot of amazing music in the decades he has been DJing, and let's not even think about the awesome remixes he has released. He really is quite the legend in the DJ world and has more than proved his DJ skills. I can't believe he's been confirmed for Birmingham Pride, and I'm sure the dance arena will be packed when he's DJ set is on. This song is in collaboration with ANT LaROCK. In comparison to Todd Terry, he is a very new artist and is on Todd Terry's InHouse Records label - which totally explains the collaboration. He'd definitely one of the up-and-coming DJs around and has already remixed some prolific tracks. As a collaboration, this song is pure fire, and I hope Todd Terry includes this one in his Birmingham Pride DJ set.

Directed by Josh Cohen, this music video showcases various DJs playing this song in their own homes. It's a very relaxed music video, with some of the DJs smoking. I kind of have a thing about people smoking in their own homes, but each to their own, and there's much more pressing concerns in the world.

There are no really big major highlights; it's just interesting to see them do their thing in the comfort of their own home. They all clearly are feeling this track; well, that's if they are playing this track.

Overall, this music video is barely relatable to the song. It doesn't showcase the artists, and it's not that interesting for viewers to watch. It's disappointing since the song is fire, for sure.
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