EDX - Feel The Rush

June 18, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Feel the Rush - EDX |

Having already reviewed this music video for Electric Mode, I thought it would be good to write it up for my blog so that I can dive deeper into the visual and see if I can come up with more thoughts on it overall. There isn't a lot going on in the visual, and it's quite disappointing considering the song is an amazing tune that I can't stop playing and will suit dancefloors all across the world; I also reviewed the song, itself,  for Outlet Magazine and Electric Mode. Watch an ethereal world where a woman prances through grass, meets a dog before heading into water; a man is looking for her and their rush of togetherness changes the scenery in this music video for EDX's "Feel The Rush".

EDX, real name Maurizio Colella, is a long-time DJ and producer who pretty much started way back in 1994. He's known for his many single releases as well as his high-profile remixes - he's done Danni Minogue, Deadmau5, Sam Feldt, Avicii, and Calvin Harris. This song is his sixth release in the past five months. It has already gained over a million streams on Spotify, so I'm sure DJs around the world are feeling the rush of this song right now along with their respective clubbers.

This music video doesn't entertain as much as the song itself does; certainly leaving the viewers wanting so much more. It doesn't really make much sense either, and hardly relates to the song.

It certainly has a hippie vibe going on, with the woman having the time of her life in the field, where she meets a dog. She finds a secluded spot to stroke the dog, and that's when more comes to find her.

Then the scene changes to a quite fit guy who is clearly searching for her. He finds her as she starts to walk into the water - I have no clue where the dogs have gone to. He stops her from going all the way in and they hug; during this time the scene around them changes to a black darkness, where she decides to get up and leave him in, towards the end.

Overall, the narrative fails to make sense of the song, with its light-hearted hippie vibe which then transforms into this darkness. It just doesn't work for me, and I was really hoping it would because I am obsessed with the song.
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