Bea Miller - Buy Me Diamonds

10 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Buy Me Diamonds - Bea Miller |

After watching "Like That" last week and loving it completely, I just had to put Bea Miller back on my blog again when she dropped another new music video. After watching it, I'm much less impressed but mainly because I'm jealous of her one-bedroom apartment - I so want that and have done for over a year... Of all the music videos for me to watch, it has to be one that makes me jealous. Yet, life always has a way of working out, and hard work really does pay off, eventually. If I don't believe that, then it won't happen, and I definitely believe. Watch Bea Miller have fun with her girls away from her previous relationship, proving that she doesn't need him in this uplifting music video for "Buy Me Diamonds".

Bea Miller first came to my attention on the second season of The X Factor (US), where she came ninth; she was previously known as Beatrice Miller on the show. I have followed her career ever since, and she continues to prove herself with amazing songs every time. I literally can't get enough of her powerful voice and the ease she has of flooding songs with emotion. This song is slightly more upbeat that her previous songs, proving that she is versatile. "Buy Me Diamonds" was written by Bea Miller, Ido Zmishlany, and Steph Jones.

Directed by Miles & AJ, this music video has a lot more fun going on than in her other visuals. It's interesting that she manages to be the leader of her group of girls.

There are many scenes but not much that stands out specifically - apart from the performance scene where she is sitting at the end of the bed. She nails that one completely, whilst being relaxed throughout.

The narrative is pretty poor, it relates to the song but isn't very inclusive of the audience; although, I did enjoy the flirting scene at the end, so very cute. Overall, it just comes across very average.
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