Chart Mondays: Maggie Lindemann - Pretty Girl

10 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Pretty Girl - Maggie Lindemann |

It's Chart Mondays yet again, and there hasn't been much of a shake-up in the UK Top 10, even with these new rules that the Official Chart Company has brought in - expect a full comparison article to go out on Modern Magazine in the future. "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber is still reigning supreme at number one - without an official music video, come on guys, just make one, please! It, therefore, opens the top ten to my review and this one has managed to sneak in at number nine, and it doesn't look like it'll drop out anytime soon since the Cheat Codes & Cades remix has boosted this up the chart. Watch Maggie Lindemann sing about not being just a "Pretty Girl" and therefore getting in an argument and later arrested in this music video for her hit song that everyone is talking about.

Maggie Lindemann, believe it or not, was discovered by her manager by singing on her Instagram profile. This launched her career and she has been building it up ever since. She has a total of four singles behind her to date, with this one being her most successful and the only one that has charted; it is also her most recent, so it'll be interesting to see if she manages to follow it up. More surprisingly, the song hasn't charted in her home country of the US; although, it has charted well in many other countries and has totally become a global sensation. Best charting figures include number two in Italy, number four in Scotland and Sweden, number six in Ireland and Belgium, and number eight in Norway; as well as its current position of number nine in the UK. This could all be down to the Cheat Codes & Cades remix which is extremely popular. The song was written by Maggie Lindemann, Sasha Sloan, and Sean Myer.

Directed by Roman White, the music video is intricate and has both a narrative and a performance visual; keeping the viewers interested from the get-go. Also kudos for the LGBT+ representation, it's so nice to see that this is becoming the norm and slowly but surely music videos will be much more inclusive - or so we hope.

Of the music video, Maggie Lindemann said: "'Pretty Girl' was inspired by my experiences growing up on social media and being constantly judged and underestimated based on the superficial, which is something I think a lot of girls are going through right now." She went on to say: "Being on the set of 'Pretty Girl' with all of the amazing girls was so much fun, just hanging out and getting into trouble. We had a good time and I think it shows, especially in the shots outside where we got to be a bit sassier."

They certainly do bring the sass towards the end, and I loved the licking of her middle finger to the guys before shocking us all when she spills her milkshake on the car - oops! This leads into an argument on the street, where police get involved and Maggie Lindemann and her girls get arrested.

It's definitely a fun music video and it certainly comes across that way, but they also bring up a valid and important point throughout the visual. Just because a girl looks pretty, whether that is online or out on the street, they shouldn't be subjected to certain comments - many people in the world can understand the feelings behind this song, whether their guys or girls. It's very real and it's so good that this music video incorporates the song in every way.
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