Bea Miller - Like That

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Like That - Bea Miller |

Another underrated artist getting time on my blog, and my word does Bea Miller deserve all the attention possible. This song is pure fire from start to finish and she's slowly getting deserved attention but it isn't blasting her into charts around the world, not just yet; but, with a killer voice like she has, it won't be long until the world knows her name. This song is powerful and Bea Miller nails the vocals completely. The music video to "Like That" sees Bea Miller in a car driving through the night city air, whilst drowning out her frustration by standing on the seat as well as hopping into the backseat as the car continues to drive.

Bea Miller was originally known as Beatrice Miller when she was a contestant on The X Factor (US), where she came ninth in the second season of the TV show. This is the season where global superstar girl group Fifth Harmony was formed - who came third. The season led to many potential stars, but only a few have truly broken out, Bea Miller being one of them. She has a unique path through music to which many of us are excited about. Her voice is pure perfection and she's not going to let her ninth place deter her intention to be heard fully; and, with her insane vocals, I expect a worldwide hit in the coming future. This song was written by Daniel James, Leah Haywood, Jarred Rogers, and Bea Miller.

Directed by Miles & DJ, this music video opens with a sentence stating: "Do not attempt to recreate the actions depicted in this video". Instantly, it grabs the viewer's' attention, making them aware of the riskiness that will be shown in the following visuals. It does come as a surprise just to see her driving a car through the city at night, but she later impresses.

Flooding the visual with emotion, Bea Miller truly feels for this song and gets it in every single way. She is focused on driving - when she's in the driver's seat - but she has that look that we all get when we have similar feelings. There are times when we all just want to stand on that driver's seat, just like Bea Miller does, and let the car go its own way as we feel the rush of wind take our emotions away.

Yet, it doesn't work for Bea Miller, and she needs a lot more to shake these feelings. She ends up trying it again, but it still isn't enough, so she jumps into the back seat and stares off into the distance. She is clearly inside her own head. She then rummages through a box and throws out a bowl, before climbing back behind the wheel.

Overall, I am obsessed with the concept of this music video; it's completely brilliant and engaging as a watcher. However, there are scenes where it's obviously green screen, and the backing video switches from scenes too quickly; the most notable being the tunnel and the city skyscrapers; it all just comes off too fake at times. On the other hand, she does amazingly well performing the song and giving the visual all that she has. I cannot wait to see what else she releases.
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