Nick Jonas Featuring Anne-Marie & Mike Posner - Remember I Told You

July 04, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Remember I Told You (feat. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner) - Nick Jonas

When I heard that Nick Jonas had collaborated with Anne-Marie, I just knew it would be a match made in heaven; add Mike Posner to the mix and we not only do we have an incredible song, but we also have a fun music video that is easily memorable. The song is one of my favourites by a male artist that is out at the moment, and Nick Jonas sounds amazing on the track throughout; the song has also had some killer remixes and I hope there are more to come. Watch Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie, and Mike Posner perform in a box-like room, mainly having fun throughout, in the music video for "Remember I Told You".

Nick Jonas first hit the music scene as one-third of the Jonas Brothers who have now split as they pursue solo projects. He has seriously become one of the leading male singers around at the moment, fully bringing amazing songs that suit his voice perfectly. His latest album "Last Year Was Complicated" is one I still haven't got over yet, and I'm shocked it didn't receive better international success. Collaborating with Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, definitely excited us all. I have followed her career since her first few songs, and I claimed that she would be one to watch, and she just proved me right in every way. There will definitely be more hits from her in the future. As for Mike Posner, he's forever being an international chart success and then you don't hear much from him before he brings out another hit single, this is what makes him a good person to connect with. This track has all the right stars, all the right lyrics, and all the right energy to be a brilliant song; and, that is exactly what it is, but it has underperformed on charts around the world, more so than you could possibly imagine. It peaked at number 97 on the UK charts - which is beyond unfair. It'll just have to become one of my treasures, like so many others. The song was written by Nick Jonas and Mike Posner.

Directed by Isaac Rentz, this music video is completely basic; yet, looked so much fun. All three artists perform in this box-like room where the camera stays in one position as it looks into the room. The colour filter is played with, originally starting off in black and white, and ending in colour; for reasons unknown to us all.

Throughout, the clips are segmented between Nick Jonas alone in the room, and Nick Jonas with a bunch of female models. As the song builds, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner appears out of nowhere and performs alongside Nick Jonas.

Overall, it's not all that appealing to the audience watching it. There are no wow moments, and there is mainly a focus on having fun and a good time, which has next to nothing to do with the song itself. I don't find this enjoyable to watch at all, and even though it does have a lot of fun involved, it's not enough to save it.
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