Dani Robert - Clouds

July 26, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Clouds - Dani Robert |

Having reviewed this song for Outlet Magazine, I thought I'd give it extra promotion on my blog, as I am slightly obsessed with the clear emotion that Dani Robert has put into this song, and the music video is subtle yet interesting throughout. It has gained over 2,000 YouTube views and 179,000 Spotify streams in the month that this song has been released - which is pretty impressive. It's not much of a surprise considering how great this song really is. Watch Dani Robert perform her song in this black and white visual as we watch two friends grow from toddlers to adults whilst feelings develop in the music video to "Clouds".

Dani Robert is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has been focusing on music ever since she was young. Her path turned her towards becoming a musical therapist, helping people through music. Having worked with music so much, she has crafted her own unique sound, blending different genres to create her first single "Clouds". This is clearly just the start of this fantastic singer/songwriter, and we can't wait to see what the future brings for her.

Directed by Gord Poon and Long Truong, this music video is both narrative and performance based. There's not a lot going on with subtle scenes that totally work throughout.

The performance side shows Dani Robert bringing her song to our attention. She grabs the spotlight throughout this music video as she sings the song and that's not easy to do when this intricate narrative is being shown.

We watch two toddlers together in some cute scenes, which then leads into scenes of them being teenagers and then fully grown adults as they dine together - clearly having a catch-up. Yet, there's more behind it, there's subtle interest in each other as they grow, and it's clear that the feelings for each other build. However, even as adults they don't cross that line of friendship.

Overall, an in-depth and intense music video, that relates to the song well. It has this sad aspect to it, one we've all felt now and again. It's relatable to the viewers, and the subtleness is something that is so difficult to capture - yet they've managed to do just that.
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