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Music - Madonna |

I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and I am now on Season 9 - I truly am addicted since I only started watching a month ago; anyhow, the queens lip-synced for their lives to this song, and I truly realised how much I love this track; hence why I am reviewing this song today. After watching the music video in full today, for the first time, I realise it isn't as good as the song itself, although it is a typical 00's music video. Watch Madonna ride in Ali G's limousine going from club to club playing this song, as well as turning into a bad-ass animation superheroine in this music video for "Music".

Madonna, full name Madonna Ciccone, is pretty much the biggest female artist in the world. She has literally managed to stay current over a number of decades and eras - very few female artists manage to do this. However, lately, she hasn't been doing so well when it comes to the singles chart; this seems to be the consensus when it comes to long-time females in the industry; heavy-weights who have been going since 80's and 90's haven't been able to soar up the singles charts even though their albums manage to do just that. This song is still one people love to this day and charted at number one in various countries including the UK, the US, and Australia. "Music" was written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï.

Directed by Jonas Åkerland, this music video embodies music just like the song does. It mostly takes part in a limo, which is where we mainly hear music - not in a limo, but in a car; you know what I mean. Other places include clubs and bars, which also happens in this video. Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G stars as Madonna's driver; not only that but her longtime backup singer Niki Haris and actress Debi Mazar also star in the video.

Throughout, there are great comedic scenes between Madonna and Ali G. He's driving them to two clubs; the first one sees him being the DJ, where Madonna is dancing to her own song with her girls. The second one sees him being denied entry as Madonna and her girls attend a strip-club; she later brings the strippers on board the limo.

The animation is cool throughout, with Madonna becoming a superheroine - who we'll never forget; Madonna looks amazing as an animated character.

However the video is lacking in some respect, it could have been bigger, better and more involving of the audience. Although, during this video, she was four months pregnant; as a little twist, she's wearing a necklace that says 'Mommy'. I feel it's highly forgettable, and I'm pretty sure I've seen this before, but I have no recollection of ever seeing it. It's just not something I'd easily remember - and that's not good at all since the song is fierce in every way.
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