Chart Mondays: Calvin Harris Featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean - Feels

17 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Feels (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) - Calvin Harris |

This is one of those sorts of songs that grow on you. I've heard this song so many times now that I've started to like it; yet, at the same time, I'm still not going to be a fan of this track. I wish it wasn't in the Top Ten of the UK Singles Chart, just so I don't have to review it (yeah, I had two other options, but this one is more likely to drop out sooner than the other options I had today); since Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber is still on top with "Despacito", I kind of had no option. This video has all the coloured filters you can imagine and want, distorting reality yet keeping it real. Watch Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean perform "Feels" on what looks like a tropical island, as Calvin Harris rocks up in the background with a guitar as colour distortion switches up this music video!

Calvin Harris, real name Adam Wiles, has really come a long way since his debut and is absolutely bringing it when it comes to music; his latest album is all collaborations, showing off his producing side, which we've seen before; however, I truly believe we prefer his own vocal music, as that is what soars him up the chart, in some cases. Regardless, he continues to be a top DJ that we continue to love. Featured on this track is Pharrell Williams, who has also been bringing it over the past few years; he's definitely a solid performer and vocalist, one everyone wishes to collaborate with one day. Katy Perry also appears on this track; real name Katy Hudson, she's quickly pushed herself up there with the top female singers of the world. And then there's Big Sean, real name Sean Anderson, the rapper who comes in and out of mainstream music and also manages to stay on top form. This is one heck of a collaboration, it's just a shame that this song is a grower and not an instant catchy hit, but it's one that stays in our head annoyingly. It was written by Adam Wiles, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Brittany Hazzard, and Sean Anderson.

Directed by Emil Nava - here's his name again, definitely an in-demand music video director - this visual is taking colour distortion to the next level; pretty much using every colour filter imaginable to not only infuse summer but to show that colour doesn't matter.

All three vocal artists nail this performance piece, but I feel that there isn't a lot for them to do, and there's more focus on the colour, making us blink so much that we practically miss what they're doing; not that they're able to do much since Pharrell Williams is trapped in a boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by sand; Katy Perry is lying down in the grass with a bright yellowy/orange dress that is unflattering on her, hiding away; and, as for Big Sean, he's sitting down on a chair as if he's the King of this tropical island, but he can't embody his lyrics because of his two parrot side-kicks, that totally steal the show.

There's just not an awful lot going on in this music video. The colour transforming filters can either capture the audience or turn them away, and since they stick with this idea, everything else loses focus and gets sent into the background.

Overall, this music video deserved to be better, it embraces summer and goes over the top with colour filters - it's literally the only thing I can comment on. It's interesting to an extent and we all want to visit that place, but it's not awesome at all.
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