Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon Featuring Inna - Fade Away

15 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Fade Away (feat. INNA) - Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon |

We have been waiting for this music video ever since the song was released last month; and, now it is finally here! For those who want to explore my articles about this track, you can read my CelebMix "Fade Away" Teasers, CelebMix "Fade Away" Review, Outlet Magazine "Fade Away" Review, Electric Mode "Fade Away" Review, CelebMix "Fade Away" Music Video Review, Outlet Magazine "Fade Away" Music Video Review, and Electric Mode "Fade Away" Music Video Review. This means I don't really have a lot to comment on when it comes to this music video, but I am obsessed with this visual, that I can't stop watching. The song, itself, is my current alarm sound to wake me up in the mornings - that's how much I love this song. Watch Inna hang out with her girls in The Bahamas in this serene music video for the Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon track which Inna features on, titled "Fade Away".

Sam Feldt, real name Sammy Renders, made his name known all around the world with his version of the classic song "Show Me Love" which was originally sung by Robin S - also titled "Show Me Love". This launched him as an international DJ and he has had some moderate chart hits that followed. Regardless, he continues to bring it with every song, and I am so happy he chose Inna to feature on this gorgeous song. This collaboration is with Lush & Simon, who made their names known when they collaborated with Don Diablo and Steve Aoki on "What We Started"; they're definitely ones to watch as they continue to bring out hits we cannot stop playing. The vocals for this track comes from Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu. She's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, female Romanian singer in the whole world. She has many hits behind her and is gearing up to release her fifth studio album. This song has charted in a few countries but hasn't had the success it clearly deserves. Now that the music video is out, I'm hoping it will create waves and turn into a summer smash.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, this music video showcases Inna having a good time with her friends in The Bahamas. Alongside her, are makeup artist Anca Buldur, and model Joanna FX.

There are various scenes throughout, with the opening one showing all three women in a Camaro creating tyre tracks on the sand. We later see them driving on the road, wearing wrestling masks, they later pick up a guy - a hitchhiker. Towards the end, he jumps out of the moving car as Inna takes a photo - he so could've been a love interest to link to the song, but that didn't happen.

Other scenes see them walking on a boardwalk, and at a beautiful hut-like treehouse-like place - where, we all wish we could visit. It's clear that it was a very windy day in The Bahamas when they filmed this music video since their hair is constantly getting in their faces.

Overall this music video exudes summer in every way - just like the song does. Everything going on in the visual is what we would love to be doing every time we hear this song. It truly captures summer, and the song will definitely be one of my 2017 summer tracks, I just hope that the release of this music video will enlighten millions of people to this brilliant song.
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