New Release: Alice Kristiansen - Lost In Translation

July 21, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lost in Translation - Alice Kristiansen |

Today was a struggle to find a New Release with a music video, most of the ones that do have a music video are instant grat singles; however, I stumbled across this one and I'm glad I chose this one for my New Release blog review. Infusing kaleidoscopic images projected onto her face for this music video, Alice Kristiansen loses the viewers as nothing new happens with this visual for "Lost In Translation".

Alice Kristiansen is a New York-based singer who gained a high following after Ashton Kutcher posted one of her videos to Facebook in 2015. Since then she's been building up her career with more releases that show her sound and emotional spirit. This song is newly released today following on from her most recent single "Lost My Mind". The video has already gained 36,000 views and counting on YouTube and the song has received over 2,000 streams on Spotify. "Lost In Translation" is an empowering emotional song that is totally unforgettable.

This music video is beyond simple with not much going on. It's a pure performance visual with kaleidoscopic images being projected onto her face and the background. Other images include falling leaves and block imagery.

There are two main scenes, one which is zoomed out completely, and one which is a proper headshot. This exposes her performance vibes which are barely there. She doesn't interact with the song, and fail to express what it means to her; it's frustrating to see because I know she can bring it and do the song justice, it's just a shame she doesn't for this video.

Overall, it's a good concept, it just doesn't go anywhere. Alice Kristiansen fails to connect with the audience; it's lacking substance and emotion.
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