Samantha Jade - Circles On The Water

18 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Circles on the Water - Samantha Jade |

This has been amongst my YouTube recommendations for quite some time now, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to watch and review it. This music video is pure magical, and the song is amazing even if it is unmemorable - talk about relating perfectly to the song, and making us all jealous in the process; this is the type of relationship we all want! Watch Samantha Jade and her on-screen lover Levi Neufeld become "Circles On The Water" as they spend time together in this adorably cute music video.

Samantha Jade, full name Samantha Jade Gibbs, is an Australian singer/songwriter who is best known for winning the fourth season of The X Factor Australia. She has had a successful career to date, having charted well in her home country since winning the TV talent show. She has also done some acting in Home and Away, as well as House of Bond. We can presume this single is from her upcoming third studio album; unfortunately it hasn't charted well, managing to get to number 270 in Australia. It totally deserves to do better, the song is a killer - although it isn't all that memorable and would get forgotten if heard on the radio; however, the music video makes up for it in every way. This needs a remix that launches the song internationally! "Circles On The Water" was written by Johan Gustafson, Hayley Aitken, and Cassandra Ströberg.

The music video is completely relatable to the song, and as I previously mentioned, Samantha Jade and on-screen lover, actor and model Levi Neufeld makes us all jealous with their relationship goals on-screen relationship.

They do a lot of couple things, whilst managing to convey their chemistry throughout. It's a great display of emotion whilst they go camping, play in the arcade, go cliff golfing, play basketball, curl up in bed, and every thing else.

Overall this music video completely reflects the song in every way. It's sweet and totally adorable. Samantha Jade is certainly a rising star in the music industry, and I hope that she has a global number one sometime soon, and/or represents Australia at Eurovision. This song and music video just proves how incredible she really is. The only thing that lets this down is the performance piece, which isn't memorable at all.
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