Alexis Jordan - Happiness

August 13, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Happiness - Alexis Jordan |

I literally walked into a shop today and I swear an Alexis Jordan song was being played, but when I got home and looked up her songs, it wasn't any of them... So, who knows what that song was, I can't even remember the lyrics; so, instead I decided to review this song and video since it is beyond catchy and the video is very intricately put together and has a brilliant visual that keeps us entertained right until the very end. Watch Alexis Jordan fall for a guy in this monumental movement music video that is beyond iconic and completely memorable in every single way for her debut "Happiness".

Alexis Jordan launched onto the music scene back in 2010 with this very single. She first came to TVs all around the world when she competed in the first season of America's Got Talent at the age of 14. She was eliminated during the Semi-Finals. She then had a YouTube career where she uploaded covers, which brought her to the attention of Stargate and Jay-Z. She released an album and a few more singles before being dropped from Roc Nation and there's no sight of a second album on the horizon, unfortunately. Yet, she deserves to come back around and I'm sure she'll have another hit before we know it. This song was a chart success in many countries, including Australia, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. The song was written by Joel Zimmerman, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Autumn Rowe, and Petr Brdičko. The song samples Deadmau5's "Brazil (2nd Edit)"

Directed by Aggressive, who has directed some very well-known music videos; this one is memorable in every way. It transports Alexis Jordan and her love interest, played by actor Tom Williamson, into this futuristic world where you literally don't have to walk anywhere as the world moves you forwards and backwards - sounds like the life.

It's very colourful throughout. There's a performance piece running alongside a narrative that keeps us entertained. Alexis Jordan performs on a platform surrounded by water. She's in-step with her backing dancers whilst keeping the spotlight on her throughout. If I'm honest, I'd rather have seen more from this scene than the others.

The narrative follows a concept of Alexis Jordan and Tom Williamson meeting for the first time and their connection growing - he clearly makes her happy. She drives past him at the bus stop as she is set to possibly leave town, but him in the mirror of the car makes her think twice. She soon hops in the driver's seat and reverses to find him, as the world battles against her as it guides her out of town.

The video is in-depth and very clever. I remember that it stood out on the music channels every time I saw it. It is completely bright and fun. It's different but in all the good ways possible. Even years later, everyone still remembers it. It's also completely relatable in every way.
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