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Slow Down (feat. Ty Herndon) - Brandon Stansell |

YouTube Recommendations brought me to this music video and hence why I'm reviewing it on my blog today; what I wasn't expecting is to see this loving music video that heightens my jealousy, especially since this guy I've been seeing hasn't been replying to me since our last date (which was five days ago, by the way). I've now come to terms with the fact that it's over, even though not messaging me doesn't mean it's over, he definitely has no chance at crawling back into my life - no thanks! Anyways, this is a very loving story and ever-so-cute. We all want this in our lives, and for most of us, the perfect guy does come along. Watch Brandon Stansell be a hitchhiker as Rich Hill picks him up in his truck, which breaks down. They go and find a caravan where they spend time together in this very cute music video for "Slow Down".

Brandon Stansell is one of newest country stars on the scene, who is also gay; trying to make his music career. He is gearing up to launch his Kickstarter campaign, which has helped many other musicians in the past, including my favourite gay male artist Steve Grand - check out "All American Boy" if you haven't already. He has already released an EP and three singles (which came together as a second EP). He has 2,500 subscribers on YouTube and has been viewed over 271,000 times. He is definitely building his brand and a Kickstarter campaign may be exactly what he needs! This song has received almost 75,000 YouTube views and is his second most-watched video behind "Never Know". The song features the well-known country music star Ty Herndon, who came out as gay at the end of 2014. He was a big hit in the late 90's but his career has certainly slowed in recent years. The song was written by MYLEN & Brandon Stansell.

Directed by Trent Atkinson, this music video feels like a slight ode to Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much", as she too is a hitchhiker in the desert; only he does what we all think she should've done and said yes to the hot guy who tried to help her out. Yet, it's to his detriment as the truck breaks down and they end up spending time together in the desert. This was all filmed in Joshua Tree, California.

They go exploring and find a caravan with an outdoor shower - allowing us to ogle his love interest who is actor Rich Hill. At the end, they head back to the road and try to hitchhike but there are no cars, so they turn around and head back.

Overall, this visual relates to this song in every way. We all want to sit in a caravan with someone who is beyond hot and cares for us completely. We all need that time to slow down with the guy we like - I just need to keep one around for more than two weeks for that to even be an option for me.
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  1. Definitely one of my favorite videos and artists. The song is amazing and the video is sweet, sexy, and romantic. It makes your imagination run away years into the future, hoping they're still together. Hopeless romantic? Yep. :) Love your review!