Chart Mondays: Sigala & Ella Eyre - Came Here For Love

07 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Came Here For Love - Sigala & Ella Eyre |

This was a totally hot team up! Sigala and Ella Eyre were meant to collaborate on a song together. "Came Here For Love" is full of that summer DJ sound which encompasses the warmth of this season. This song has been hanging around the top ten for a while, and since Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee has made it to their 11th non-consecutive week at the top of the UK Charts with "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber, I thought I'd review this one since I don't see it hanging around for long. Watch Ella Eyre perform at the colourful Las Palmitas for this Sigala music video for the song "Came Here For Love" which infuses summer in every way.

Sigala, real name Bruce Fielder, continues to bring out amazing songs after amazing songs. They've all managed to chart well around the world. He has helped to launch careers whilst collaborating with big names in the industry. He promised that an album will be released in the future, and we still wait for that day, even after his eight lead singles. "Came Here For Love" is in collaboration with Ella Eyre, real name Ella McMahon. She's one of these singers who do well with features and does all right by herself but she is someone who deserves so much more credibility. This song, much like her other collaborations, has launched her right back into the spotlight, and she needs to ride this wave once again; and, hopefully, succeed in staying in the limelight once and for all, otherwise she might not get another chance. This song was written by Bruce Fielder, Ella McMahon, Cédric Steinmyller, Bryn Christopher, and Scott Wild.

This music video was directed by Craig Moore and set in the Las Palmitas neighbourhood in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. It's truly colourful and beautiful; a perfect setting for this video.

There's not a lot going on in the visual, Ella Eyre fits in well with the location due to her fashion choices that suit her completely. The rest of the video pretty much showcases this beautiful neighbourhood.

Other scenes relate to the song perfectly, showing off couples interacting with each other to the extent that we feel the message that Ella Eyre is portraying - even if I don't want to. If you have read my previous blog post on Brandon Stansell's "Slow Down", you'll understand how I'm feeling at the moment.

Overall, this music video definitely captures the summer spirit within a beautiful place. It's not all that much of a memorable video as they focus on the neighbourhood itself rather than any sort of narration but it does keep the audience interested in watching more.
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