J Balvin - Yo Te Lo Dije

August 31, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Yo Te Lo Dije - J Balvin |

Thursday Revisit time, and I was extremely interested in listening to some of J Balvin's early hits, so I chose this one since it did well in some international countries. The song is catchy, to an extent, and J Balvin is looking well stylish and hot, whereas now he has his own unique style that only he can pull off; in contrast, he's slick and stylish here. This track is certainly one of his defining releases and just listening to the song, you realise why that is. Watch J Balvin leave a woman in a hotel room all by herself as he drives away in this music video for "Yo Te Lo Dije" - which is Spanish for "I Told You".

J Balvin, full name José Balvin, is one of the biggest male artists in Latin music at the moment. He's had plenty of phenomenal career moves that has launched him to the top. He's now a highly successful international star, even bringing Latin music to countries that haven't given this genre a chance - I am totally talking about the UK here. Not only that, he has sung with some of the biggest stars in the world, including my queen, Inna - on "Cola Song". So, I have been aware of him for a few years, and I'm glad he's getting the global credibility he deserves. His latest single, "Mi Gente", in collaboration with Willy William, is a complete international success; and, is the reason I'm reviewing this song for my Thursday Revisit. "Yo Te Lo Dije" charted at number one in Columbia and number four in Romania, as well as various US Latin charts. It was written by José Balvin.

The song is about a one night stand and the agreement that they wouldn't call each other the next day and that they will go their separate ways. Well, that didn't happen, because J Balvin sticks to his plans and drives away to Las Vegas, whereas the woman he was with, wakes up and calls him.

If the song is anything to go by, she's hoping she can convince him to come back to her. He ends up pulling over and speaking to her in Spanish, basically telling her that this is what they agreed and that he was clear from the start.

Throughout the rest of the video, we watch J Balvin perform his song, and he is bringing pure Latin vibes. This song is really groovy and it's no surprise it was a hit in a few countries. It shows how much of a brilliant performer he is, and how he deserves to be on stages all across the world - which he sure will be now! He's one artist I wouldn't want to miss at a festival! I also bet he enjoyed filming this music video with that Lamborghini.
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