New Release: Mollie King - Hair Down

September 01, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Hair Down - Mollie King |

We've all been missing The Saturdays and their music but, luckily, Mollie King's brand new song and video are giving us all sorts of girl group vibes. The song itself reminds me of Girls Aloud's "Sexy! No No No...", while she impresses with her vocal range. It's something new and different for her considering she released her debut single, "Back To You", which was more of a pop-ballad. The release of this song coincides with the fifteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, which launches next week; where Mollie King has been confirmed as a contestant. Watch Mollie King dance with her girls, flipping her hair and bringing it completely for this music video for "Hair Down".

Mollie King is best known for being one-fifth of British girl group The Saturdays, who are currently on hiatus with no plans to reunite - will they ever get back together? (We shall keep dreaming of the day that they do). She is setting her sights on a solo music career, but "Back To You" totally underperformed when it was released last year; it also has a killer music video that I'll never forget. Now, she's got this new song which I can't help but love, and with her being a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing next week, this could actually become a hit single for her; I sure hope it does. This song was written by Mollie King, Ben Taylor, Brian Higgins, Carla Marie Williams, Florrie Arnold, Georgia Morgan, Keir MacCulloch, Kris Ryeland, Kyle Mackenzie, Lauren Morgan, Sarah Thompson, and Timothy Deal.

Directed by Kyle Lewis, the music video was filmed in South Africa. The song and the visual certainly has a Kylie Minogue vibe to it as well as Girls Aloud; the latter of which isn't a surprise since the song is a collaboration with Girls Aloud producers Xenomania.

There is a lot of bright colours going on and edited slow motion, both of which relate to the song perfectly. There is great dance choreography that Mollie King perfects with her backing dancers. The visual is on fire from start to finish.

There's a lot of style and fashion going on in the clip, with Mollie King totally showing herself off as a professional artist; one who is determined to make it in this industry. She easily connects with the audience, as the dance moves are something any of us could nail if we put our mind to it.

Overall, this basic music video has got me gripped. Mollie King proves that this is exactly what she should be doing. She brings performance vibes and energy that just makes this track even better. I so hope that this slowly rises on the charts as she competes in Strictly Come Dancing.
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