Mickey Taylor Featuring ØMC - All Day

29 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

All Day - Mickey Taylor & ØMC |

YouTube Recommendations have come through once again and it suggested me to watch this music video, which has an epic storyline that will keep me addicted as each new video drops, I'm sure. At 21 he entered the porn industry, thanks to a persistent Grindr member, which he revealed in his exclusive interview with Midlands Zone - which is where I've heard his name from since I read that magazine from time to time. He's coming out of porn to focus on his music career, he also has two books published as well. He's clearly got a lot going for him. Watch Mickey Taylor loved up with Gabriel Phoenix which has a twist at the end and is part of a seven-part story in this music video for "All Day" which features ØMC.

Mickey Taylor first came to my attention when he graced the cover of Midlands Zone (who I wish would employ me - a guy can dream). I didn't even link this video to the cover of the magazine until I checked out his Facebook page - I knew I'd heard the name before, but had no idea why, and now I do. He can also be seen in Jordan Gray's music video for "Platinum". He's building his career and he has quite a nice voice if this song is anything to go with. I came across this music video through YouTube Recommendations after reviewing Brandon Stansell's "Spare Change", and now I'm definitely interested in seeing where Mickey Taylor takes his musical career next, plus I need to watch the other six parts of this story. The track features ØMC, real name John Neff, who is a Chicago producer who has worked with the likes of PJ Brennan, Lana Lubany, and Ryoko Miza. This is a great song that sure is catchy, that definitely makes me interested in listening to the rest of Mickey Taylor's songs, which includes two albums and plenty of singles. "All Day" was written by ØMC.

The music video was directed by Ashton Bradley & Mickey Taylor. It was filmed in Brighton and also stars Gabriel Phoenix and Theo Ford.

There's a lot of cute things going on, mainly Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix walking along Brighton beach. We also see them do various cute things together, including a fun ice cream scene, and a full-on arcade scene that sees them play on the dance machine, the claw crane, and the air hockey machine.

The final scene sees them in a bar, and Mickey Taylor asks a guy in the bar - who is played by Theo Ford - to take a picture of him and Gabriel Phoenix on the window ledge; he then goes and grabs a drink for Theo Ford to thank him. As he returns from the bar, he's shocked when he sees Gabriel Phoenix's hand on Theo Ford's leg - this has a lot of drama going on, especially when the audience watches the swap of numbers behind Mickey Taylor's back.

Overall this narrative is well thought out, yet not as dramatic as I was hoping it would be - to be fair, considering I've been watching web series The Horizon, this music video seems completely tame in comparison. Mickey Taylor has a segmented performance piece throughout, where he really shows he has connected with the song perfectly.
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