New Release: EDX - We Can't Give Up

September 08, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

We Can't Give Up - EDX |

Not a lot of choice today for my New Release music video review; however, this one came through my email, and it's such a loving visual that I just had to review it. EDX has been building up quite the following, and I've recently been introduced to his music and he is really bringing it. This is just another deep house song that I can see myself listening to constantly for the next few weeks as the summer ends. Watch a loving couple move into a house together and go to a festival where EDX is playing in this luscious music video for "We Can't Give Up".

EDX, real name Maurizio Colella, has been going for many years, but he's starting to go viral recently. His latest singles are becoming popular and EDX is definitely a name people are becoming more and more aware of. A lot of his tracks have over a million streams on Spotify, with recent release "Feel The Rush" with five million streams. This song will no doubt gain momentum and has already racked up close to 100,000 streams - now that's what we're talking about.

Directed and edited by Jan-Philipp Behr & Marius Bohn, the music video stars a couple doing loving things together. There's a clear connection between them and it is gorgeous to watch. The characters are played by actor Mark Becher and actress Sarah Richmond.

The opening scene sees a smashed picture frame and the couple engaged in an argument. We then rewind to them moving into the house, putting the picture on the wall, and Mark Becher being a tease with the paint roller brush.

The scenes that follow are very loving, from the breakfast scene which shows a clear connection; to the outdoor scene where they clearly enjoyed their time together. Next, we see them looking at a map, as they plan their car trip to what looks like a festival.

These scenes are intercut with EDX playing at the festival, giving us performance vibes and displaying the energy we would feel at one of his shows. During a firework display, Mark Becher proposes to Sarah Richmond. We then zoom to the wedding day - I have a slight problem with this scene as he is looking way too casual to be a groom!

The ending scene sees them dancing at the wedding where he grips her arm which launches us back to the present where they are having their argument. He pulls her back, into his loving arms, and we know that this is not the end for the two of them.

Overall, this is the best EDX music video I have seen. The narrative completely relates to the song, whilst EDX gives us a taster of his shows. What more could anyone ask for? This visual deserves to go viral, and it'll be a video I'll be watching quite often. It does make me slightly jealous that I'm not in a relationship, but someone will come along for me eventually.
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