Fifth Harmony - He Like That

September 09, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

He Like That - Fifth Harmony |

They are literally on fire recently, Fifth Harmony are going from strength to strength with their incredible new music. The only problem I have is that their latest album is a grower; it's not something I loved on first listen like I did on their previous two albums. Regardless, their music is being leeched out to us and the more I hear it, the more I am loving it. This one is pure fire and deserves to become chart successful in countries around the world. It does have an air of Little Mix's "Touch", but that's what makes the song so great. Watch Fifth Harmony nail sexy choreography with hot male dancers, being completely fierce all the way through in this music video for "He Like That".

Fifth Harmony are a four-piece band consisting of Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, and Lauren Jauregui. They were originally a five-piece, hence the name, but Camila Cabello left the band; as if anyone didn't already know that. They were formed on The X Factor US and are currently the most successful act from all three seasons, to date. This song is their official second single from their self-titled album. It hasn't charted that well, so far, but it is definitely a grower of a song and might be climbing up charts around the world as I type right now. It contains a sample of "Pumps And A Bump" by MC Hammer hence the long list of songwriters; who are Ammo, DallasK, Ester Dean, Dexter Ansley, Gerald Baillergeau, Ondreius Burgie, Stanley Burrell, George Clinton, Garry Shider, and David Spradley.

Directed by James Larese, the music video is very sexualised and definitely full on sweaty. It feels grungy but in such a good way that we all wish we were a part of what is going on. Sex sells at the end of the day and since the song is sexy itself, it's no surprise that they've related the visual to the song.

There is a lot of choreography going on that is both sultry and sensual. Normani Kordei totally brings it, as she usually does; totally prepared to go all out and do the most explicit of dance step; this makes it feel like an insight to the four girls' lives, just going to some underground club, rather than a fully fledged music video.

So much intricate dance sequences, including pelvic thrusts, sweaty couch caressing, and lifts that reminds us of Normani Kordei's time on Dancing With The Stars. The other girls keep up with her, though, with Ally Brooke shining, Lauren Jauregui serving face to the camera, and Dinah Jane Hansen bringing her confident class to the table too.

Overall, the video works and totally relates to the song. It has got a Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave 4 U" feel to it as many others have stated. It does deserve more credit, and the girls certainly are fierce. I just feel that they're running out of sexy music videos to do - they've literally done so many already. They recently dropped the music video for "Deliver" which I totally love and has a lot of class to it.
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